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4 months post Ablation


and heart still behaving, have a few ectopics here and there but nothing much. Had 3 month follow up Tuesday by telephone due to current situation (only a month late) and EP very pleased with my progress. Told me mitral regurgitation (seen on TOE during ablation) was mild so absolutely nothing to worry about and he’d arrange for an echo in 2 years to keep a check on it. Said to continue on Apixaban and if I wanted I could stop the Bisoprolol for a couple of weeks and see how it goes but if the ectopics get worse then restart, but do whatever I feel happy and comfortable with. Said I could start exercising more but just be slow and careful and if at any time I don’t feel comfortable go slower! Doesn’t need to see me again unless I have any problems and then contact arrhythmia nurses who will let him know and we’ll take it from there or if there are any problems with my echo in 2 years! So it’s fingers crossed now that all stays ok! Hope everyone is staying well and safe.

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Thats good news,best wishes for good future,and keep safe in this difficult time. Jane

jobristol in reply to Fastbeat

Thanks Jane, you keep safe too. Jo

Excellent news, long may it last for you. Best wishes CD


Brilliant news. Hope for us all x

jobristol in reply to Jajarunner

Like you one of my hobbies is/was running, so am hoping eventually to be able to do at least a little jogging but if not then I’ll stick with fast walking, much as I’d rather be running! Hope you’re doing ok and still resting, take care.

Jajarunner in reply to jobristol

Oh yes, definitely going back to running. Hoping to do Orwell marathon next summer, but we shall see! Ive got unfinished business there from 2019 when I raised £450 for Air Ambulance but got a cold four days before and couldn't run. Then all this Afib business came back after trip to hot USA (dehydration is my trigger methinks). So I feel I need to fulfil my obligation when safe to do so!!!

Hope you can get back to running too xx

Delighted to hear it, and an EP who told you to take it easy four months later - I'm impressed!

jobristol in reply to irene75359

My EP has been excellent, only saw him in November, told me as I was in persistent AF he’d get the ablation done as soon as he could, hopefully by March but actually got me in in January, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

good news! Stay well

if you can do without drugs all the better but i think id go down the weaning off route over a month or two probably these medications are strong stuff i wouldnt want to shock the system if i were you

jobristol in reply to Tomred

I’m only on 1.25mg of bisoprolol, but going to wait a little while longer and then I’ll wean off it even though it’s such a small dose. Don’t want to risk it!

i take 1.25 mg myself small tablet with ability to slow heart wise decision

So pleased your ablation seems to have worked and that you can begin to think about running (jogging) again. I am a fellow Bristolian and had my ablation on 5th March so I was pleased to hear that you had a phone follow up I thought I might have to wait six months but hopefully I will also have a

Phone call. I can’t believe how much better I feel but I haven’t been able to drop any medication

yet so I am still on Apixaban, Atenolol and 200 mg of Flecainide. I hope I get my follow up soon so I can ask about reducing medication but in the meantime I am back on my bike (electric) and easily managing 20 mile trips. I used to do 50 mile trips but I am quite happy with this! Maybe I will pass you out jogging very soon.

Glad you are feeling so much better after your ablation.

I was told at my pre op that the follow up may not be until 4 months so was expecting it to be more due to current situation so was surprised and very pleased to get the appointment through when I did.

Who did yours and was it at the BHI? Mine was done by Dr Barman but it was done at The Spire as an NHS patient through the BHI. Have found the BHI to be brilliant ant the arrhythmia nurses are brilliant too.

This was my 3rd time at the BHI, first time open heart surgery, 2nd flutter ablation and the AF ablation, I cannot fault them.

Hope you continue to do well, I’ll look out for you on your bike 😄😄

My sister had her ablation at the Spire under the NHS but I went to the BHI. (We have a genetic arrythmia diagnosed within 3 months of each other) My named Consultant is Br Barman but my procedure was carried out by Dr Duncan. Coincidence I have just opened my post and I had a letter from the hospital with a telephone appointment for the end of June! They must have read our exchange!

So glad your appointment came through, just opened my post to find letter outlining what was discussed on telephone. Must be the day for letters from the BHI!

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