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Anyone out there with really positive post-ablation stories?

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Hi folks. Scheduled for an ablation on 2/8 and live in the states. After reading many posts on ablation in this forum, I'm getting more and more nervous. Seems the recovery is much longer than I am told. I'm getting RF ablation. I'm supposed to be in the hospital for one night, and doc told me to rest a week. I don't know if because this is a forum there are more ablation "problems" listed, but has ANYONE had an ablation and it went really well? Does anyone have a story of a fairly quick recovery without afib bouts afterwards or even ectopics? I was really excited to get this done, but now I'm losing a bit of faith! Please, I need to read about some good outcomes!

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I think those who recover nicely just disappear. Most have few to no issues. Though I would say don't overdo it for a couple months. Allow the heart to heal after getting burned and bothered.

I know most have few issues as I had many and told no disability for me as afib and ablation do not even make disability people blink.

Do pick an experienced EP who does more than a few ablations here a D there. It takes time and many patients to build up the skill set.

If my first EP had been more experienced I may not be where I am now on number four.

Mine was no problem, but it was a flutter ablation though, which is quicker and simpler anyway.

Don't worry and stay positive. People who have been successful don't come on here anymore! There are lots of successes out there. If there was only a few successes the NHS wouldn't do them. Only last week someone posted to share their success and how they have moved on.

Hi Jomama,

I believe Ariverrat is right. Just think how many thousands of ablations are carried out in the States and the UK and then consider the relatively low number of people who post in the forum with problems....I liken it to Tripadvisor - reviewers with a gripe fill the pages and those without a gripe, don't! In my case, I did as I was told and did nothing for the first week and not much more for the second and apart from a couple of minor blips, I have done well.......We all would like a perfect solution for dealing with AF, but life ain't like that, just select an EP you feel confident with and that has a good track record....all the best....John


You must know by now that I am a great fan of ablation but yes it may need to be repeated and occasionally things do not go as well as one would hope. I tell people to rest a lot because I do believe that overdoing things early on CAN make the heart more likely to revert. I have no scientific evidence for this other than my own experiences.

Regarding horror stories you must understand that people for whom ablation is successful seldom hang around here as they just don't need to. As a result the whole feeling of things is tilted towards problems. I maybe am one of a few exceptions who wish to remain and help others. In fact I had my AF sorted by the time I joined AF Association back in 2007/8!

Don't be put off please I meet lots of people who thank me for pushing them in the right direction.

I had mine a few weeks ago and I am also in the States.. The great Pacific Northwest. Other than coughing and elevated pulse, which means I am easily tired I am doing great. I was willing to try Ablaltion to get off meds that mostly did not work. *If you keep in mind that this AF ONLY gets worse as it is a degenerative disease you will move sooner than later. I am willing to give up my very active 60 year old life for a few months to get "fixed"... Good luck with your decision. Either live with it or wonder how long a stay you will get with the meds. Until then. You are rolling the dice.

Well it was a success for me. I had permanent AF and since ablation 5 years ago I've only had the occasional episode, for which I use flecanide as pip.

Obviously it'll be different for everyone depending on age, general health, history etc. but I was up and running (literally) within a couple of weeks.

I'd say relax and see what the future brings. A positive attitude goes a long way!


Yes. My AF was very bad and had turned 24/7. Had my ablation in 2006 and it really, really, really was a doddle. My AF stopped 100% and immediately and I came straight off drugs (except anticoagulants). After a day of being a bit groggy, I felt absolutely great. I shouldn't have I suppose, but I'm self-employed and was back at light work within a week.

I should have gone home the day after the procedure, but they thought I might have a slight infection in my groin entry point so they kept me in for another 24 hours to see it clear up.

I had it under sedation and watched most of it on the multiple monitors above me, which was absolutely fascinating.

I stayed clear of AF for at least 8 years, then I had a tiny bit of AF come back which is now beng controlled by drugs which are working very well.

Most people with good stories won't be on this forum. I only came on here when my AF came back a bit.


I had my ablation July 2015, I was as nervous as hell.

Since then I had a short burst (4 hours) at the 2 week mark and an episode of a few minutes at 6 weeks.

Since then zero AF.

I do get a few PAC beats when tired or when I drink too much coffee but other than that I'm fine.

I swim 1km a week, cycle about 20km a week I can play with my kids again, work isn't a problem at all. I'm very very grateful.

I still consider myself to have AF/heart issues but my quality of life is 99.95% better than before my ablation.

Kind regards

Hi Jomama,

I'm in southern Wisconsin. Where are you?

I've had two ablations. The first was a "hot" ablation (the RF type) for flutter (April 2014) and it was successful. However, AF developed later in the year. The second one (May 2015) was a a cryo ablation and a complete success - never mind the fact that it triggered a resurgence of Lyme disease that had lain dormant for 8 years.

I have not had an arrhythmia that I know of since the second ablation, although I have what are probably ectopic beats from time to time (probably more often than I realize).

When I finally get reliable treatment (hopefully starting later this week) I intend to get back to my old activities - snowshoeing, road biking, river and wilderness canoeing, and maybe even dating (at 67 I'm nowhere near ready to hang that up).

There is, indeed, life after AF!


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I'm in Philadelphia. Thanks for your reply!

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And I'm in South Dakota. Ablation 9-1-2016; severe/hard palpitations on day 5 post ablation, so started 75 mg Flecainide 2 x daily; 2 weeks later increased to 100 mg 2 x daily due to off and on palpitations; have felt wonderful since that time; so nice to feel like my old self again. Backed off to 50 mg 2 x daily just today; hoping heart is mostly healed by now.

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Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope you can eventually get off the meds. Thanks for posting!

Had mine in October 2015, fine since, no problems at all. I think it's true that the people who have a positive outcome drift away from this site, so you are getting an unbalanced impression. Go for it. Wish you all the best

I had AF for five years before going for an ablation. (I should have gone sooner but was put off by cardiologist (not an EP)). Almost in permanent AF at the end with episodes daily or more. I had the ablation in June 2015 and, touch wood, not a murmur of arrhythmia since the procedure was carried out. Everyone has ectopics apparently but I have to say I have never experienced anything but a steady rhythm since being wheeled back into the ward.

Life with AF was horrible. Life without it is sweet. Come and join the Former Affibers - our numbers are far higher than the 'doom and gloom' brigade will let you imagine. Good luck!

Still taking apixaban though...... after all, even us normal folk can have strokes.

Hi JOMAMA ,My first ablation three years ago it lasted eighteen months,my recent ablation was nine weeks ago went well except the bruising from the groin to my knee had trouble walking for a few days but other wise it went well ,hoping this one will last longer ,Go for your ablation getting out of A/F even for a few months it's worth it.

I had a cryoablation last July and agree with the comments about taking things easy. However with careful management I was able to complete a cycling holiday in Colorado after 9 weeks. I have had a couple of blips but all seems to be going well.

Hi, I had mine at the beginning of September and was quite terrified - turned out the worst thing was having the cannula inserted! Was amazed how small the wound in the groin was and I had very little bruising. I had a few ectopics or palpitations for a couple of weeks or so but recovery was virtually immediate and had to keep reminding myself to take things easy - not my nature! It is wonderful to be off the drugs. I know others aren't always as lucky as me, but as others have said, in general those with success stories don't bother with this site again. I would just say be positive. I was determined I would have a successful outcome. And, I should point out I'm an 'old bird' being 74 next month!


Had Ablation on 16dec 2016

I felt ok afterwards and heart rate now down to 65bpm and quite steady with very little flutter. Only problem I had was feeling tired a lot of the time. But being retired and 75 I could just go to bed and sleep when I felt I needed to. Which everyone cannot do. I did have some slight pain when Ablation was performed at UHNM in Stoke on Trent. but it the result has been worth the discomfort. Mike

The comment of chose a hospital that do a lot of Ablation s is good advice. Three specialists at Stoke do them and understand they do about 12 per week so quite a regular and standard procedure for UHNM

OH YES! First ablation wiped out persistent AF (24/7) and felt so great to wake up in NSR. It lasted well with no meds for 18 months before a "touch up" ablation was done, and that's still doing well. I didn't even stay overnight after the second! I am in Utah and in the hands of a too electro/cardiologist, John Day, who recently began use of the latest technology, a 3D imager that does such thorough mapping during the procedure, it is more accurate while cutting down the time required significantly. Hope you get that, too, but even if not, the ablation is well worth the minor discomforts after.

Cryoablation 18 months ago was a complete success.


I had ablation November 2013 and no problems. I had odd episodes which gradually faded and disappeared after 5 months. I am still af free and have my life back. I can walk, dance, garden and go about my daily activites like other non af people.

I think when people talk about "recovery periods" they are talking about two things. The first one is where you recover from a procedure, so you may fell a bit groggy/tired and this lasts for a few days. It is recommended that you allow yourself a couple of weeks rest to recover from this.

The second one is where the heart is mending and building up scar tissue, which is the point of the procedure. This can take 3- 6 months but during that time you will start to feel better. Breathing should gradually improve, arrhythmias will probably start to reduce and life will start to feel more normal. I was retired when i had mine done but if i was still working i would have been able to return to work.

My bouts pre ablation were severe, happening 4 or 5 times a week and lasting 5 or 6 hours. So i would say my experience was very positive and i would recommend ablation. Remember, it iyus progressive so may get worse if you leave it. I was very nervous so understand your uncertainty.

Good luck πŸ€

Hi Jomana, I had a very successful ablation so far (just over 3 months} not much of a peep straight after bit of a thump on the 2nd day but since then not much so I feel absolutely wonderful, I did wait to get mine done and in the meantime altered my lifestyle (diet and exercise) to help myself. I had all 4 veins ablated because I had 3 different types of Arrhythmia. I am 76 my first ablation and haven't looked back. Do continue with exercising and the right intake of food and drink and do start or continue meditation and deep breathing.

I had one 16 weeks ago. I had very bad PAF. after a 5 hour ablation under sedation, I havnt had any episodes. It was easier than the dentist, and I would have it done again tomorrow. Mr Hyatt at Cov and Warwickshire Uni Hospital. Do it!!!😊

Such great news! I hope mine goes as smoothly.

Had cryo ablation eighteen months ago .Itwas no problem .The hard part was lying still for several hours after. I spent the night in the hospital.No regrets.

Hi there. Hot off the press I had my ablation today. I was really nervous but it has been so straightforward. I had a general anaesthetic which might have made a difference, and it took around 4 hours. Mine included a TOE which is a tube down your throat and aside from on a slightly sore throat I have no ill effects whatsoever from the ablation. I've been out of theatre about six hours and honestly feel great - had a cup of tea and some dinner etc. I think the anticipation is totally anxiety making but please please be assured that this is one very happy customer. Can't report on the results yet but the procedure was incredibly straightforward. Very best of luck to you and happy to answer any wuestions you have - though these will be based on personal experience as I am not at all knowledgeable like many experts on here!

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Thank you so much for responding, and doing so right after your ablation as well! I'm very happy to hear that it went smoothly for you. It makes me feel excited to get on with it! Happy healing and keep me posted if you don't mind about your progress!

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