Magnesium-a useful fact sheet & more

Magnesium seems to be such a key issue for AF and other health concerns. The following factsheet link, the most comprehensive I have seen, was posted by an experienced cardiologist Dr John Day in the States also his own article

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  • Thanks - on recommendation of another forum member I am currently reading Dr Day's book (Longevity Plan) - I remain to be convinced that AF can be reversed but it seems to me there is a lot of common sense behind the lifestyle and diet changes he recommends.

  • Tako :-) I share your scepticism about 'reversing AF' once damage is done can it ever be.

    However I feel it may be possible to halt or slow down the natural progression AF and that is my aim with the help of lifestyle changes.

  • I remain optimistic on stopping AF with a raft of lifestyle changes including supplements when you have Lone PAF i.e. no comorbidities.

  • Thanks for that Secondtry :-) of course we can never be sure when we attribute results good or bad to any substance but since taking Magnesium Turate I have felt so much better.

    The horrible headaches which I guessed were side effects of medication have improved greatly and my AF is under control and not affecting my quality of life.

  • Brilliant. I Take Nutri Megamag Muscleze which is Mg, Taurine and a lot of other 'heart goodies' combined in one powder and my QOL is fine.

  • A study of nearly 10,000 people by the Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam concluded the people eating too much or too little of magnesium-rich food had a 30% increased risk of developing dementia. The study is published in Neurology. Source: the Daily Telegraph.

    It could follow that supplementation may be a risk.

  • JohnBoy :-) we can also conclude from that not taking a supplement may be a risk too, you could be stuffed if you do and stuffed if you don't....

    I eat a magnesium rich diet but it still doesn't provide the daily requirement of 320mg so I top it up with a low dose of supplement.

  • The snippet in the Telegraph needed to state the RDA, the amounts of magnesiun in various vegetables and, whether the NHS will test your magnesium levels. This could be another area like microbiome with potential health benefits at low cost. Those areas don't require medication so funding is going to be problematic.

  • The problem is that people take it without testing evidence that they actually need it.

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