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More on Magnesium from the AFIB report


An essential element that many people may be deficient in - cardio protective with some demonstrated efficacy in afib

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Hi Netpi - Thank you for your post. Magnesium supplementation is something that has been discussed on this forum many times and I guess that is why you haven't had lots of replies. If you enter magnesium in the search box at the right hand corner of this page you will find all the discussions on it.


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Thank you but no worries - I posted it for info rather than replies and am aware of previous discussions but this info was new and updated hence I decided to share


Thanks Netpi. My Naturopath put me onto Mg as my red cell test was at the bottom of the range and he said it needed to be at least mid range. My GP and cardiologist don't even acknowledge the test let alone the level required. It helped but because I have a sensitive stomach I take some orally and top up with a spray-on. He said some people use up more than others and said I will probably always have to supplement. I also noticed if I lower the dose the level drops down quite quickly, so I have 6 monthly red cell blood tests done privately to try and get the dose right, as I feel too much supplement is as bad as too many pills. Hope something there helps somebody somewhere!

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If you have issues with oral supplementation, there is also the option of bathing with a cup of epsom salts - wonderfully relaxing and invigorating with the extra kicker of helping the body absorb more mag

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Agreed, just don't know the level of that dose, always assumed it was quite low but clearly useful and better than nothing.

My overall health including sleep and night sweats has improved dramatically since taking magnesium. Hawthorne also. My last af attack was Xmas last year with a brief four minute episode two months ago. I'm not complacent and know AF is progressive but the magnesium link should not be overlooked. Thank for posting this.

Interesting article, it also mentions potassium which I know I lose due to taking Co amnilifruse, cheers

I'm a banana and nuts and seeds guzzler!

I am no expert but from what I understand the importance of magnesium is related to the fact that food sources no longer supply indicated amounts due to processing - mag is an essential element and while historically food has supplied at least the RDA, it no longer does thus making supplementation a reasonable option at least to the RDA


Started taking Magnesium a month ago, after reading a lot about it, (including here), and have felt a noticeable rise in energy levels and in my 'mood' - no longer low and lethargic. Nothing else was changed, (meds; circumstances), so I think it must be the Mg. Hooray!


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Pat, how much

magnesium do you take daily? Any particular brand you prefer?


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The one I have was recommended by a Health Food shop. It's 'Nature's Plus' Dynomins. 250mg Magnesium. I take one a day - alas they're huge. Don't know if these are the best, but they seem to be working for me.


Yes, it works for me.

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