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Cough after cryoablation

Hello, I had a cryoablation on the 12 th of June and since one week after I've a persistent cough with phlegm, some hoarseness and sometimes sore throat. Found on one website (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0735109713002015?via%3Dihub) that 17% of people submitted to cryoab are developing a postprocedure cough whose reason is not clear. I went to otorhinolaryngologist and pneumologist and did a CAT but nothing detected. Is any of you who had cryoablation in the past went through the same issue?

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I had a dreadful cough after my RF ablation and I hadn't had a TOE. It was so bad that I feared that it would trigger arrhythmia. Fortunately it didn't and the coughing stopped after several weeks.


After my cryoablation a year ago I had a sore throat and cough for a few weeks which I put down to the monitor they put down my throat. 6 months later I had a bad viral infection which took 4 months to overcome. They did a CAT and found nothing. Even now I have a bit of a phlegm cough in the mornings.

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Yes . . . My congestion and cough lasted 2 weeks after Ablation. I did not have the upset tummy that I was warned about, so no need for the proton pump inhibitor prescribed. There are many after effects that can happen . . . mine were severe . . . UTI from foley, aneurysm and blood leaking into leg from groin catheter. And of course the overall feeling like you have been hit by a bus. One month after Ablation, still have no energy, leg pain and numbness with hematomas, occasional erratic heartbeats, but no AFIB so far.


I had a sore throats and cough, but assumed that was the effect of the TOE.



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