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Cryoablation tomorrow


Hi all,

Id posted a while ago saying I had to make a decision about cryoablation due to high risk of phrenic nerve injury. Well I go in tomorrow for the procedure and am hoping it goes easier than the previous radiofrequency ablations! Ive been silently reading a lot of posts on here about their experiences with their arrhythmias and procedures which certainly helps! Would love to come across anyone else who happens to be quite young dealing with this as I have found it very difficult. But am glad to hear reports of anyone who is experiencing it and has had cryoablation with phrenic nerve pacing.


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Hi Jude, I’m sorry I haven’t any wisdom or similar experience to share, but I did want to wish you luck for tomorrow.

Hoping it all goes brilliantly well - better than you could even imagine - and sending healing thoughts and prayers. Do keep us posted x

I hope the procedure goes well for you Jude.

Morning Jude, best wishes for tomorrow, hope your cryoablation is successful. Will be waiting to hear how it all went.


Hi Jude! How did it go? I'm 22 if you're looking for someone young :p I had a cryoablation almost 3 weeks ago... So far so good, it didn't hurt almost at all after it, now I have a lot of migraines bus that's all, went yesterday and today for an 8km walk and was perfect. Let me know if everything it's ok. I know it's kinda sad being so young and already with heart problems :)

Jude07 in reply to Manurkabshdh

Hi, It is nice to hear of someone else young; Im 23. Mine has been quite severe and has completely put my life on hold but hoping for good news with this one in the next few months. Lovely to hear your cryoablation went well and I hope it continues!! Mine was slightly complicated but appeared to get most of the troubled area. However having some pretty bad chest pain and very breathless! Resting up and hoping pain eases soon :) take care!

Hope it went well!

Had cryo ablation with pacing yesterday. .

I stayed in overnight but am home now and feeling well.

How did yours go?

Jude07 in reply to ijan

Hi, I hope youre still doing well!? Mine was slightly complicated but he thinks he got most of the troubled area, but had severe pain during and afterwards. Was discharged but since Im home Ive had bad chest pain and breathless, thankfully my brother was home as I collapsed last night. Have you experienced any symptoms since?

ijan in reply to Jude07

Hi, can't say it was the most comfortable experience especially the phrenic nerve stimulation which extended from my abdomen into my right shoulder which was painful until this afternoon. I felt a bit rough yesterday but had been stressed and overdoing things because my partner was unwell. A couple of hours on the sofa with a good book restored me. Same this afternoon after I'd spent too long with some well meaning neighbours.

I've had a little chest pain and coughed some blood for the forst two days, now settled.

How are you?

Did you contact the hospital advice after you collapsed?

I've taken paracetemol to stave off any pain. My groin and leg have been aching today and are turning a lovely shade of green and blue.

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, only just spotted your post.

Were you kept in overnight? I was, had to buzz and have someone walk with me to and from the loo, so I guess its not uncommon for people to feel very woozy in the 24 hrs following the procedure.

Hope you're feeling better today.

Jude07 in reply to ijan

Hi, you're quite right certainly wasnt comfortable. I hope your shoulder pain is easing and you are still taking it fairly easy. Sorry your partner hasnt been too good, tricky timing for you Im sure.

I still have some pretty bad chest pain and breathlessness at the moment, taking paracetamol and the aspirin as suggested to try and stave it off but not doing the trick just yet. Frustratingly Im having difficulty making it from my room to the bathroom without help due to breathlessness and near collapse, so does make me wonder if phrenic nerve was irritated after all. Before the procedure I wasnt in the best of conditions with frequent collapses so its believed these have brought on the most recent ones. One positive my groin and leg are looking fairly well only mild muscle pain.

I was sent home that night, was glad to get into my own bed despite feeling as bad as I am.

Thanks for taking the time to respond! I appreciate it!

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