7 months after cryoablation

Hello I was diagnosed with afib march 2015 then I had bother for 14months and then 3 episodes in a matter of months. So they decided to do a cryoablation feb just gone. The op it self wasn't as bad as I thought it would be I was out of it most the time..and a few weeks later it some strength back and slowly over last few months started to feel myself again still not 100%..ive been taken of rivaroxaban just one beta blockers now....so now something else as cropped up. 24th august I felt this funny sensation in my chest on the right side centre from chest? Not pain not pressure but something was there and didn't feel right.. it did come and go and in the end on 26th august early morning 5 hrs before I was due to go away I went in to be checked..had ecg clear had chest x ray clear and bloods all come back clear??? Still have it cones and goes but it's uncomfortable t times and the I get panicky?? Anyone else had anything like this..because I'm puzzled and it's getting this 37 year old mum down :(

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  • Usual thing to blame is anxiety if nothing shows on any tests but not always so easy. Have you had a holter monitor to check over a few days if there are any rhythm problems? An ECG is a snap shot and you need a video.

    I'm not medically trained but my guess would be digestive and irritation of the oesophagus although it is quite a while since your ablation. The important thing is that nothing bad showed up in tests so try not to worry.

  • Hello I'm actually wearing a R test ecg monitor now I have to wear it for 7 days..then I go and see my cardiologist next month for results as they want me off all meds by the end of the year.. I do suffer with anxiety now have done since i knew I had afib..taken over my life x

  • Then relax and all will be revealed when you see him. By the time you get there he will have the test report and will be able to tell if there is anything wrong with your heart. No sense in worrying!

  • Yes I will try just annoying if anything. Thank you for your reply

  • I know the feeling! Not the same physical feeling, but that wave of adrenaline when you suspect something is wrong. It's impossible to control. It rushes around your body and I always think my blood pressure must hit the roof. I think deliberate, sane thoughts and count my breaths. Finally I feel calmer. I have lived through it and think well maybe it wasn't anything. Next time maybe it won't send me into a tailspin. And it HAS gotten better, really, it has!

  • Mine come and goes..when my kids am around me I focus on them and it seems to fade..

  • Well got appointment at hospital on Wednesday shut have results from having the monitor on and they want to discuss weather to reduce or take me off beta blockers all together..by my heart rate as just gone up normally round 71 now it's 87 I know it's not a big jump but I'm scared there gonna take me off my meds and go back into afib ☹ it's the worded feeling ever being in avin and I've been so down it's took over my life..i wish I cud switch off from it but I can't.. just dreading Wednesday

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