Cryoablation recovery

Hi, I had a cryoablation on Wed 4 may 16. I was discharged that evening, and coughed up a small amount of blood.  I feel a little breathless, and have mild pain in the chest. I guess all this is normal, but is it normal to cough blood and be breathless? I am 50 and before op cycled 2 to 3 times a week, so reasonably fit.

Let me know if you've experienced same post op symptoms. Thanks, andy

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  • If they rammed an ultrasound device down your throat that might cause a cut in the throat?? Don't know about breathlessness

  • Breathlessness normal, blood probably from intubation. It will take some weeks/months for full recovery as I am sure you will have been told.  Listen to your body and rest a lot.

  • I have not experienced that.  Had a haematoma in my oesophagus after t o e. But no blood. I would just give them a ring to check. 

  • Hi Andy,  i had a Cryoablation  near the end of march   I had breathless, and niggly pain in chest,  still do on and off   but have been told  to expect this while healing  and it should go ok   mine is not as bad now  i am feeling  good at the moment i think it takes about 3 month  to heal, I have not coughed up blood  so cant really say about that, but if it has not happened since  it might be  something what was put down throat, but if you are worried i would ring them.


  • Thanks for the responses. Very reassuring. I haven't had any further bloody coughs, so maybe just a one off.  Breathing has improved thankfully. Still getting missed beats, especially at night, so we will see if this procedure has worked or not. Thanks again.

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