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Ectopics post 3rd ablation

I've had my 3 rd ablation for lone AFib. I felt great for ten days then AFib episode where I used PIP with flecainide and converted back. So now I'm 7 weeks post op and getting lots of ectopics particularly at the end of the day. I've had 2 more brief AFib episodes which converted back quickly. I know I'm in the blanking period and it may just be the heart recovery from the ablation but i thought it may be a little better at this stage. When in sinus I'm great and off the anti-arrhythmia drugs and this is a real positive but I had hoped to be feeling fewer ectopics at this stage. I've taken it really easy and have not started exercise yet. I am also eating foods to give me the right magnesium intake. Is this as good as it gets or has anyone experienced full recovery to pre AFib levels after numerous ablation. Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks Jonty

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I think you said it yourself - you are in the blanking period and only 7 weeks post ablation.

Have you tried the slow breathing technique when the ectopics kick in?


Thanks for reply. Guess patience is required. Yep I do the slow breathing also.


I would have no hesitation in starting exercising - it is good for the heart. I went into Atrial Tachycardia just over a week ago (circa 2 ½ times my previous NSR).

After a few days I decided it won't beat me and promptly went up my allotment and did some digging. Although I guess I will be up in 150s whilst digging it hasn't killed me and I feel a lot better with all my previous Ectopics having gone away.

Regarding diet. I think you should not adjust your diet the way you have but that you should eat a very balanced diet. That is of course unless you have been told to do this by your doctor.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Pete, going to go and do some exercise.

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Gentle to start with!!


10 mile cycle heart rate no higher than 110. (My max is 170) all good bar a few ectopics last night. But that's the normal pattern at mo! 🤞


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