Atrial Ectopics post ablation (PV Isolation)

Atrial Ectopics post ablation (PV Isolation)

Hello, I had an ablation 4 months back for my Paroxysmal Afib. I had a bit of a rough time in the month following, I kept going in and out of AF several times a day. This seems to have settled now and i haven't had any afib for a few months now. Fingers crossed it's done the trick.

However I do seem to get a lot of Atrial Ectopics, some days a lot worse that others. They seem to come in couplets, triplets (like below, the is recording from my Alivecor) or in runs for up to 6 or 7 on occasion. I don't seem to notice the single Ectopics but when they come in runs of 2 or more I get a noticeable thud as my heart ejects the build up of blood.

My question is, has anyone else experienced this post ablation?

My cardiologist doesn't seem concerned, but they do bother me sometimes. On occasion they can make me feel a bit light headed and this makes me panic and I work my self up, this seems to make them worse and more frequent. I just have to relax and tell myself it's not dangerous and will pass!

I'm just hoping that over time they will subside along with my contanst anxiety about having them!

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  • Yes been there bought the T shirt as they say. I had about three months when it would be every third fourth fifth etc up to eleven and back to three on and on adnauseum. Not pleasant but supposedly harmless even if it did keep me awake at night.

    Try slow deep breathing. Breath from your diaphragm in to a slow count of ten and out for similar and make sure that you keep to less than six breaths a minute for at least five minutes, longer if you can. Works very time they tell me. I found it helps.

    Fear is the big enemy we all face having had AF.

  • I had my third ablation procedure nearly three years ago and for the last year I have experienced ectopics two or three times a week. Or these episodes are the ones which make me feel ill. I have others which do not disturb me. My regular medication is 100mg Flecainide twice a day. My consultant suggested taking a third tablet at the onset of an ectopic episode and this does put me back into sinus rythm within around 30 minutes. If these episodes become more frequent, or more distressing,, he would probably recommend a fourth ablation, but I would try everything else before deciding to have yet another ablation.

    Maybe additional medication at the onset of an ectopic episode would work for you too. I suggest you talk to your consultant for his or her advice. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  • Yes, but interestingly mine didn't start until 2 years after ablation, I have them frequently for a few weeks then everything settles again and they go away, no thyme or reason to bouts.

    The breathing out for longer than breathing in (7/11 breathing as the count in is for 7 and out for 11) can often be very effective and will often stop the ectopics.

    It is quite common after ablation.

  • PS - I am not on any meds as I can't take them for other reasons. I am used to them and they really don't bother me, except make me a bit tired sometimes.

  • Hi I had a PVI August 2015 and struggled for a long while. However this Sept I had echocardiogram done and wore a monitor for 48 hours. Cardiac nurse rang me to advise that what I was experiencing was ectopics and the "run" after the bump was quite normal! Also advise that I was in sinus rhythm 90% of the time. So as has been advised on here I practice the breathing and concentrate on the positives! Hope you feel better soon.💐

  • Hi, I had my ablation some 16 months ago now and whilst I have been largely AF free, I also suffer bad intermittent Atrial Ectopics. I agree they do make you very anxious and the anxiety begets ectopics, so its a vicious circle. You will get differing advice from the specialists. My cardiologist suggested Bisoprolol to slow the beats a little and reduce the thudding sensations, whilst my EP suggested Flecainide. I don't believe either gives you a perfect solution, so trying anything which reduces the anxiety, like the slow breathing referred to by others, or magnesium supplements which have previously been suggested are worth trying. My EP is willing to undertake another ablation to see if he can help me with this problem, but as it isn't considered a life threatening condition, he isn't pushing me at all. Its very much a personal decision and, for now, I am seeking various ways to cope with the ectopics, both in terms of prevention and handling them when they do take hold. I have every sympathy, but you are not alone!

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