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which health insurance in U.S. lets you pick your own doctor and hospital?


someone who is on medicare told me he had heart andknee surgery but i wasn't able to write down, i think but am not sure one of the word in the name is united, the name has 3 words, i think.

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There is an insurance company called United Health Care and you can choose your doctor and hospital to a certain extent. Not all physician's accept that particular insurance as it is known to not pay exceptionally well and a lot of procedures or drugs etc are not covered. Also, for having that flexibility, there are other insurance companies, depending on what area of the country you lived, as different insurance companies handle different regions. Usually Blue Cross is available anywhere, just is defined by the state as in Blue Cross of Western Pa or Blue Cross of Greater N.Y.. Shopping for insurance requires careful perusal of not just who takes it, but what is covered.

markoolo in reply to SRMGrandma

thanks for helping with insurance questons.. two things need answers, i have kaiser, can only see kaiser docdors. the specialist i need is not kaiser. what should I do?

also, kaiser is not in the state i have to travel to for family. what should i do ?

SRMGrandmaVolunteer in reply to markoolo

You need to talk to Kaiser and explain to them why you need to travel for treatment and see what they will pay and also call the facility where you would have treatment and see if they will accept any payment from someone within Kaiser Health System. Good luck!!

My husband and I are both on medicare. We have Mutual of Omaha for our insurance. Very happy with it. We can choose our doctor and hospital.

Could be United HealthCare.

I agree talk to Kaiser. Each state has different rules, and going out of "network" can be difficult for some plans, but not for others.

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare work great together, I can choose my own doctor.

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