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Now living in Spain, been dumped by Sabadell health insurance!

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Hi all, been offline for a while due to limited internet in new Spanish house.

I went through all the form filling with my Sabadell bank last week, for their health insurance with DKV. Everything seemed ok, then today I had an email saying they were cancelling the policy due to me declaring the AF.

Can anyone living in Spain recommend a private health company who will take me on?!

Thanks in advance :o)

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Wendy-so very sorry that you are going through this. I hope you get some answers soon so you can get your health care back. 😊

Depends on what ‘living’ means. It’s my retirement plan and the most cost effective cover I could find was extended travel insurance for up to 18 months if you retain residence in uk. It changed my plans from buying to ecishorter term annual renting. All other options for health insurance were hundreds per month and much more than bupa in uk. Or you can give up uk citizenship and have full access to healthcare in other eu country. Not declaring accuracy in above, but I researched a lot to inform my decision making.

We'll be living here indefinately. I need to apply for my Residencia permit asap, but they won't give me one without proof of adequate private health cover. Once I get the permit, only then can I apply for Spanish healthcare.

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fnurd in reply to WendyWu20

Health insurance policies rarely want to take on existing conditions, so how about not declaring the AF? Then you get the documentation you need. It will just mean that you can't make an AF-related claim.

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Ianc2 in reply to WendyWu20

I believe the Spanish health service have a private patients plan. Not sure of the details but it may be worth asking about

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