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looking for top doctor and hospital to do third ablation!


Hi sweet hearts! I want to do another ablation, my third, so I want to go to the best to get it done right.i live in California.you have recommended dr. Ernst in London,she said she would oblate me but my insurance will not pay unless it is an emergency.any recommendations? I do not mind traveling to go to the best.

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Dr. John Day in Salt Lake City has done literally thousands and is well known for his excellence in technique and patient care. I've had two successful ablations by him with minimal down time (not even overnight for the second). Recommend him highly for procedure and followup.

Mayo Clinic - Dr Thomas Munger. He did my 3rd abalation in Dec 2013 and I have been in rhythm for 2.5 years now!!! He convinced me I did not need a pacemaker. I was 4 days away from having my AV node cut and a PM put in. 🙁 Thank you forever DR Munger.

Larry Kropp

Bordeaux is the place to go from what I have read.

Thanks, Bordeaux what does that mean?


A London and a top Australian cardiologist both mentioned Bordeaux in France as a world class hospital for AF. I am afraid I don't know any more.

In my family I have an amusing (for some!) reputation for seeing doctors on holiday - blood clot (Spain), constipation (Austria), gall bladder out (Portugal), and this year as my wife loves France, I said fine as long as its close to Bordeaux!! I just bottled out stopping my medication, so no ablation - I'm joking. Seriously, if I do decide to have one privately, I may check out the cost there but as its around £15K in England and with the weak Brexit pound, I guess it will be too much for me.

Hope you find somewhere good and all goes well.

Dr Andrea Natale is arguably the world's top ep. He works at the Cleveland clinic and also out of San Francisco I think, so I would have thought he's the obvious choice. Otherwise Prof Schilling of London Bridge Hospital, possibly the best in the UK.

Dr. Anil Bhandari is an excellent EP cardiologist in Los Angeles. I just had a successful ablation, after being told by another EP, on my first ablation, it couldn't be corrected because it was too close to the AV Node. Dr. Bhandari corrected it and I went home the same day!

Hi again. I just read an article in the newspaper that Dr. John Day (my EP) at Intermountain in SL has just begun using a new 3D heart mapping machine that greatly improves the ability to see the errant electrical impulses, streamlining the ablation process, with great success.

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