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Happy Christmas and lets give thanks for the good in our lives

Happy  Christmas and lets give thanks for the good in our lives

Happy Christmas to everyone, lets hope it's an AF free one for us all!

A wild storm is raging here in Devon with trees and fencing down. I just give thanks that I am inside a warm home as I think of those who don't have that luxury. I have food and all I could possible want, including a family to share this special time with. Every Christmas I think how lucky I am, but there's a little hurt inside me as I think of those around the world who are not so fortunate. Lets hope an pray that their lives are better next year.

Thank you to everyone on this site for your support over the last 8 months. X

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Yes Jean it is pretty lively over this side of Devon too. I am having to work in the,loft at the moment as the extractor for the boys bathroom has packed up and it is quite drafty up there. Good will to all men and let us all be very glad for what we have.



Well said Jean. I echo your thoughts. Sorry to hear about Devon, also just hope our house down there is safe. Not managed to get down for nearly 4 months and counting. Cant go over Christmas as our first grandchild is due (well over due actually) so staying close by for the birth.

Have a healthy and happy Christmas Jean and my very best wishes to all on the forum and beyond.

Regards Dee.


I agree, well said. It does us good to think of all the good things in our lives and to think of others who may have very little. Happy Christmas. X


I can only echo those sentiments. Very stormy here in East Devon, certainly not ventured out today and feel for anyone out there.


In photo I'm the one, second from the right, with lightest hair.


G'day jeanjeannie50,

Happy Christmas to you to and to everyone and here is hoping for a better, healthier 2014. Down here near Hayle, Cornwall wasn't too bad yesterday, went out and about in the car, plenty of rain, squally winds but no worries. This morning - so far - clear skies and what looks to be a great sunrise. Mind you, in Cornwall that can change in half an hour !!!


Aussie John


It's been pretty stormy in North Wales too! We were clinging on to the hillside (just)... A big 'hear hear' for your good wishes and thoughts, and likewise I want to say Merry Christmas to you and everyone here, and thanks to all on this forum for being such a great support. Hoping we all manage to stay AF-free over the festive season!


Great picture :-) Wishing all my AF friends a very Merry Christmas! Don't think we'll have a white Christmas here in Pennsylvania. It's been 60 degrees most of the week, though the temps are dropping fast now. I am extremely thankful that all my children and grandchildren are here and that another is on the way for 2014. Blessings to all of you, and a fervent wish that we could all stay AF free for the holiday. Dee, please let us know when that baby arrives!


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