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Nosh and Natter Reminder

Hi Everyone

A reminder that the first London Nosh and Natter of the year will be held on SATURDAY 1st April 2017 at EV cafe Isabella Street London (behind Southwark station)

We meet around 12:30pm and go on until the last person falls asleep from boredom with me talking.

It's a vegetarian turkish cafe, sounds strange? well ask anyone who has been and they will tell you how good the food is, really inexpensive, and the coffee is even better (yes they do de-caff) and if the weather is even close to nice we will commandeer some outside tables and enjoy the spring air.

If you are new or need some reassurance about coming along feel free to leave a reply or message me, we don't bite (well only if there is a full moon) we talk about anything and everything, but mainly we share our stories.

What do you have to lose?

Be well


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I've made the journey to Southwark twice and it would almost be worth it for the food alone...

Advance train tickets are now on sale for June 17 which is the next but one Nosh & Natter.


Look forward to it.


I am hoping to be there.


Train ticket already purchased!!!

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looking forward to it- will be little late as teaching in the morning so don't eat all the good food!!



I was really looking forward to seeing you all again. Unfortunately a hefty chest infection has struck, so instead I offer you my very best wishes for a really good time.

To all who are thinking of attending for the first time, go on, it is a marvellous group of kind, supportive, knowledgeable and witty people, you will love it - and find many useful answers to your questions as I did.

Best wishes,


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