Nosh and Natter (again)

Saturday 29th August 1pm through until around 5pm.

Usual location for those who have been before EV Cafe, just behind Southwark Tube Station.

For those who have not been, it's just a bunch of AF sufferers who get together and talk about anything and everything (I can bore you about my recent China trip if you wish) and also usually grab some of the excellent food in EV Cafe which is a vegetarian Anatolian salad bar (Just try it... it's delicious and that's from a confirmed meat eater)

No pressure, very supportive, and you will meet people who have been there and done it.

So we Natter (Talk for those born north of Watford) and Nosh (That's eat for our colonial cousins ) :)

Very simple really, I spread out some green AFA flags to mark out the tables, we usually sit outside in the garden (Yes a garden in Waterloo)

Do leave me a message if you can make it, and I will book some tables when I know more about the numbers.

Be well


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  • I was hoping you would suggest another. I'll be there.

    Thanks Ian

  • I'd love to hear about your China trip Ian but it's a bad day on the West Coast line and the last train back up north leaves just after five. As they are working on the lines over that weekend who knows when one might have arrived. Hope to see you in Birmingham in October.

  • Hope to be there.


  • hope to be there!

  • I'ts in my diary, so shall look forward to meeting some of you then.


  • Look forward to meeting you all.

  • T'is in the diary.

    See you on the 29th


  • Hope to attend for the first time. Sounds interesting.

  • Dear Ian, would love to join you but can't this time. I am going to the conference this year - will you going too?

  • Hi Bryonny

    Yes I will be at the conference (with carnation)

  • Hi Ian, look forward to meeting you and other members and to hearing about your trip to China. I will be taking my nephew to some of the sights in London on the 29th otherwise would have liked to have met up for nosh and natter, really enjoyed it last time.

  • I am new to this but can you explain the conference people are referring to ?

    I am interested in attending - when, where & how much ?

    Many thanks,


  • Hi Susiebelle

    If you look top left you will see some "pinned posts"

    The first one gives details of patients day at the annual conference, or you can click on here.

    Do come along as not only will you get the hear the most up to date news about AF from some of the top Consultants in the country, but also you can meet fellow patients chat with them, laugh with them, and just generally have a good day out.

    It's well worth it, and those of us who have been around for a while ( like BobD who is way over 150 years old :) ) wear pink carnations so that you will know we are from the forum, and please do come and say hi.

    Be well


    (Ducking now from the Bob D backlash :) )

  • Thanks for organising this again Ian. Hope to be there.

  • Hi Ian, I really wish we had these sorts of support groups in NI as they sound great, especially as arrhythmias can be so isolating and disruptive!! I am going to come over for the AFA conference in October so I hope to meet you then. Enjoy your lunch!

  • I'm working on how I could get there, as I would love to meet up with everyone.

    Can I ask you - as I am debating on the feasibility of flying to South Africa at the end of September after having a cardioversion 2 weeks ago - is flying a problem? Was getting insurance a problem? Were you at any time 'out in the wilds' away from doctors/hospitals? Sorry if this sounds silly to you, but I'm nervous. Not like me at all!



  • Hi Hydrangea

    Firstly after a CV you will feel fine within hours let alone days, occasionally you might get some red marks, and they give you an excellent cream. So nopthing to worry about there.

    Insurance can be tricky, I use "holidaysafe" but remember that they generally will not insure you PRIOR to a procedure, so you may have to book it after the CV. There are lots of others, search travel insurance in the forum and you will get loads.

    Was I in the wilds, most certainly I have travelled Indonesian Borneo, most of Malaysia and the Phillipines with AF and in China there was almost no western medicine available except at the private hospitals, just take your drugs with you and enjoy the holiday.

    Would be great to see you in London, so do try and make it

    Be well


  • Thanks, that's very reassuring.


  • Sorry that I won't be there but I booked a holiday the day before Ian posted!!! I would have liked to have met up with the regulars and met up with some new.

    I also apologise to those who had said they would be interested in meeting up (in Ian's absence) but just after that I ended up in hospital and the heat and warm weather has been taking its toll and I just did not feel up to organising. I am now feeling better than I was, particularly when it is the cooler mornings like today.

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