Reminder Nosh and Natter Tues Afternoon

Just to remind you that if you are around in London this coming Tuesday we shall be meeting at EV Coffee Shop from 2pm just to get together and chat.

Directions here

Easiest directions are come out of Southwark station, turn left and then left behind the station, the restaurant is in front of you.

We can either eat at the cafe, they do delicious salads (and this from a man who thinks they are for rabbits) and every is veggie not that I notice despite being a carnivore. Or their resturant is right next door, and they have a wider menu.

Both are in a little oasis of green amongst the concrete jungle of Waterloo as those who have been before will testify.

I shall be sitting outside and will have the Green AFA flags so you can spot me, although I'm hard to miss you might say, message me if you want my mobile number or anything else.

See you all there


10 Replies

  • Hi Ian, looking forward to it!


  • hoping to come if our course is going well enough to leave it- will be good to hear how it's going John

  • Me too.

  • Hi, I'm in London by chance from tomorrow until Thursday, if I can make it, is it ok to bring my daughter ?

  • Yes of course, not a problem.


  • Thanks Ian. Planning to be there. Kay

  • Wonderful, look forward to meeting you there at 2 o'clock.

  • I'll be there too.

  • Looking forward to meeting everyone.


  • Now what did I do with those flags, cleaned the study out recently, so put them somewhere safe and logical...... If I could only remember where that was...

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