Reminder Nosh and Natter this Saturday 17th June

Hi All

Yes another London Nosh and Natter this Saturday, all old friends welcome and if you are new to AF, or new to the forum you are welcome.

What do we do?, well we eat and talk (Nosh and natter) very informal and we meet outside the nicest Turkish cafe in London which serves yummy salads (Yes even for us meat eating men, tasty nice salads no lettuce and carrots pretending to be nice) and even yummier coffee

We meet at the EV cafe Isabella Street right behind Southwark station and a short walk from Waterloo station down "The Cut".

I will be there from around 12:30 until you want to leave, if you need any support leave me a message and I will give you my mobile number

Be well


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  • Looking forward to it.

  • Me too - looking forward to seeing everyone. I live in Cumbria so it's six hours of travelling there and back, but well worth the effort in my opinion.

  • great should be there about 1pm after work

  • Unfortunately I cant come to this one but recommend everthing about it to potential newbies. Enjoy yourselves and I hope it is warm enough to sit outside.

    Best wishes

    Jane x

  • Regrets, haven't been able to make any this year. Will be in Nice thinking of you all noshing that delicious food and yes, it is better than the French. I could probably make it in six hours too Rellim, but doubt I could get a cheap day return.

  • You have to book early and sometimes travel early too or take a slow train. £10 for 270 miles! But it's almost impossible to get the other half of the journey at the same price.

    Enjoy Nice - they make a good salad there.

  • Would love to be there but not in UK. Hopefully next time

  • I only live in Andover and would love to come to the next one. At a wedding this weekend.

  • Hello Ian, was looking forward to this for ages but aaargh can't come! I will miss you all, hope you have a wonderful time.

    To newbies, I say if in doubt go! You will love it. Such lovely people, it is easy to make friends, and it is a great place to ask questions.

    Thankyou Ian for organising this, and here's to the next one!

  • Sorry won't be there - family birthday.

    Hope you all have a good time.

  • If I'm feeling up to it I'll do my best to be there.

  • Sadly will miss this one due to being in deepest France.....

  • So sorry not to be able to make it. I shall miss the conversation and great food. Look forward to seeing you all next time.

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