Nosh and Natter Saturday September 16th

Nosh and Natter Saturday September 16th

Hi Everyone

A reminder that the LAST London Nosh and Natter of the year will be held on SATURDAY 16th September 2017 at EV cafe Isabella Street London (behind Southwark station)

We meet around 12:30pm and go on until the last person falls asleep from boredom with me talking.

It's a vegetarian turkish cafe, sounds strange? well ask anyone who has been and they will tell you how good the food is, really inexpensive, and the coffee is even better (yes they do de-caff, and freshly squeezed orange juice) and if the weather is even close to nice we will commandeer some outside tables and enjoy the autumn air.

I am sure those who have come before will tell you how good the food is, it's real Anatolian home cooking, and delicious even to a usual meat eater like me. EV by the way means "home" in Turkish and it's very apt here.

If you are new or need some reassurance about coming along feel free to leave a reply or message me, we don't bite (well only if there is a full moon) we talk about anything and everything, but mainly we share our stories.

What do you have to lose?

Be well


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  • Thanks Ian - see you there.

  • I would like to come to,the next meeting! Do they do similar in the Cambridge area?

  • Hello Porridgequeen .... all plans go awry at times & today is just another case ! ... I can't make today's lunch as have workmen coming at last moment, who cant, so it appears, manage any other time for a couple of weeks! Real nuisance. When we met at the last lunch, you suggested I join your select group who meet up roughly monthly. I assumed it would be easy to get in contact with you on this website & after several attempts to find you (!) I left a message & have no idea if it got to you .... ! Perhaps you can get back to me with the date/time/location of your next 'ladies lunch' ?? My email: best wishes, Helene

  • looking forward to it- do come if you are new- you will want to keep coming for all the reasons Ian has set out above!!

  • Unfortunately I will miss this one due to holidays, but it's a great opportunity to hear about other peoples AF experiences in a fantastic setting.......very often, AF is hardly mentioned, t'is all very fluid.....maybe I should cancel my holiday, I'll see what Mrs FlapJack thinks!!!!

  • Hopefully I will be there. Anyone travelling from Leatherhead?

  • I have never been to a get together before but London is only just over an hour away on the train. Would like to come along for a natter 😁

  • Come on down, we seldom bite except into those delicious baklavas (keep me away from them)

    It would be good to meet you


  • Oooh, baklava! Not good for the diet 😁

  • Looking forward to meeting you all again at Nosh 'n Natter, Helene

  • Hi Ian

    New to Nosh and Natter but I am going to try and make this one on September 16th - assuming Waterloo is open and navigable! - Looking forward to meeting fellow AFibbers. Liz

  • Would love to meet you

    The cafe is right behind Southwark station, or a short walk from Waterloo


  • Thank you - I will use the map on my phone!! Sadly have no sense of direction at all but with my trusty Google map I should be safe to find the cafe!


  • Hi. Just to apologise as I will not be able to make the N&N today. Will try for the next one. Liz

  • Hi Ian, regret can't make group lunch today after all .... have got workmen turning up who couldn't make yesterday & offered today instead as their only alternative for 2 weeks. Am really disappointed. Can you let me know when the next meeting is at Harefield Hospital as I don't have the date for it & would hate to miss that too. Hope you all have a great time today, best wishes, Helene

  • Sorry can't make it today - hope to see you all next time. Have a good day.

  • Hi Guys

    thanks for the apologies, however I shall be there today, and I'll dedicate a fresh orange juice to you all


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