Reminder Nosh and Natter 2 weeks today

Reminder Nosh and Natter 2 weeks today

Just to remind you that the irregular London Nosh and Natter is taking place two weeks today at EV cafe, Isabella Street, Waterloo, of course being in the middle of london, and right behind Southwark tube station, it's a concrete jungle no greenery in sight :)

Starts at 1pm through to everyone getting fed up with me usually around 5pm, the cafe serves amazing veggie salads and if you really crave meat the next door restaurant will serve you at the cafe tables.

We meet outside, look for the green AFA flags draped over the tables, and come and say hello. All you need to bring is yourself.

Be well


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  • Sorry that I won't be there but I booked a holiday the day before Ian posted originally!!! I would have liked to have met up with the regulars and met up with some new.

    I also apologise to those who had said they would be interested in meeting up (in Ian's absence) but just after that I ended up in hospital and the heat and warm weather has been taking its toll and I just did not feel up to organising. I am now feeling better than I was, particularly when it is the cooler mornings like today.

  • Sorry to hear that you have not been well. I know what you mean about these cooler mornings being pleasant - whoever thought we would be saying that!

    It's a shame that you won't be joining us but a holiday sounds just what you need.

    We'll toast your good health with decaf coffee.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks Ian, see you then.


  • See you there, really looking forward to it.

  • looking forward to seeing everyone!

  • See you there, might even have steak 'n chips!!

  • Good food, lovely people, and a lot of informative chatter. Thanks to Ian for organising the afternoon.

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