Nosh and Natter Saturday 7th May 2016

Nosh and Natter Saturday 7th May 2016

Spring has sprung, or is sprunging, so time for me to be seen in public again as I wipe the sleep out of my eyes, stretch and come out of hibernation.

So hi all those London AF'ers and anyone in travelling distance of London, some suggested dates for a "Spring Nosh and Natter"

Saturday was popular last time so  EV Cafe again, Isabella Street, Waterloo (behind Southwark Tube station)  Saturday 7th May?

For those who haven't the faintest idea what I am talking about we

Nosh (London for eat, but only if you want to) and Natter ( it involves moving the lips) By the way the title was stolen from BobD, but he's not getting it back now.

Very informal, we use a very nicely located Turkish cafe, surrounded by it's own garden (Yes in Waterloo green bits :) )

The salads are so delicious they are to die for, and being a Saturday you could combine with some shopping, or even a show? For the Carnivores like me, it is meat free, not that I miss it (but next door isn't, and is owned by the same people)

All are welcome, AF'ers, partners, siblings children and even husbands :)

So leave me a note, or suggest a new date if this one is a definite No No.

Be well


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  • Yes please...lovely venue, easy to get to from Waterloo if you are coming by train.  Look forward to meeting up with people again.

  • How about a date in July, although an early lunch on May 9th might suit, it being the day of the APPGAF meeting.

    The only cheap train tickets I can get for May 7th (it's a round trip of about 450 miles) are on a slow train and much too late in the day.  I think there may be busses for part of the route.  Saturday is a bad day on the trains, though better than Sunday when we have no trains before 11am even though it is the Edinburgh/Glasgow to London Euston line.

  • Count me in!

  • Could do 9 May or second week July.

  • Hi Ian,

    Have a lovely lunch and say hello to London for me. I was last there in 1996 and would love a revisit - time and circumstances haven't allowed it. As I said to BobD,

    the invention of a teleporter would be the ants pants... I do love a delicious salad, good company and a natter.



    From Down Under. 

  • Good luck mate I seem to be failing   down yere as  only four  people (including me) can make any of the dates I chose. We all have such busy lives!

  • That's fine for me.

     Thanks Ian, definitely time for another one.


  • Do you want the good news or the bad news.......the good news - I cant make it......the bad news......I lie!!!!

    See you there.......


    ps Don't worry Bob.....we only go because we feel sorry for 'im

    pps Could do the 9th as well

  • Hi Ian

    I would love to come along and meet a few folks, but (correct me if I am wrong) the last two meets have also been a BH weekend? No cheap tickets from IOW, overcrowded trains etc., and we always seem to be busy over those times!! July may be better. I will try for the next one whenever it is?


  • And BH means work on the railways, so trains severely curtailed or disrupted.  We'd like to come, but it's not easy.

  • The 7th is a week after the Bank Holiday weekend.

  • The 7th is a week after the Bank Holiday weekend.

  • Hi all, I did avoid a bank holiday weekend, as I am aware that many spend time with family then (the bank holiday is the Monday before) and the 9th would be a Monday guys, which is not good for everyone, or me, I still have to work to pay the harem.

    I apologise in advance for John being there (Flapjack) but he's still trying to collect on a bet we made several years ago. The answer is still No John :)

    We could do July as well if you wish, 9th or 16th both work for me as well.

    Be well


  • Oh yes! so it is......July probably better for me...let us all know which is the definite or if another one in July. Ta

  • Sorry on holiday on  the 7th May. Any time  from the 14th onwards.

    Best wishes


  • I can make 7th.

    Also let's set the date for July now so it can be in our diaries to get a better attendance. 

  • Hi, would love to, just working out logistics of it as am in Norfolk (coach etc.,)   what times you there? 


  • Hi Lynn

    We generally kick off around 1pm and hang around until people get fed up with me (about 10 mins) or about 4:30pm or 5pm whichever people want to be honest, very flexible, and happy to try and fit around people.


  • Hi would like to join you on the 7th May unless you opt for a date in July. Thanks for arranging another get-together.

  • Great- what time Ian- I may be late as teaching in the morning

  • And July?  Anything fixed?

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