Nosh and Natter This Saturday 6th May

Nosh and Natter This Saturday 6th May

Apologies all, I should have reminded you earlier, but we are having another Nosh and Natter this Saturday in London.

For the regulars, you know all about it, for those who are wondering what the heck I am talking about it's very simple, a group of AF sufferers, those who live in London, or find it easy to travel to London we hold very informal regular get togethers.

They are held on a Saturday lunchtime (has proved the most popular) at a VERY nice turkish cafe called EV in Isabella Street Waterloo, so with excellent travel links. I am sure some of our previous attendees will attest to how nice this cafe is, and how calm, and yes green..... Green Bits in Waterloo :)

For those who haven't the faintest idea what I am talking about we

Nosh (London for eat, but only if you want to) and

Natter ( can't remember, but it involves moving the lips)

EV cafe is immediately behind Southwark Tube Station or a short walk from Waterloo

I shall be there from 12:30 to 1pm, until around 4pm, come along and buy me a coffee :)

Be well


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  • Yes, great salads and good company! Everyone welcome.

  • I am coming along with Jo and Kate......if we manage to negotiate London transport that is! See you all soon.x

  • Hoping to make it, but might not be able to do much nattering, or noshing!!!

  • Had hoped to join you as I missed May get together but plans scuppered! Please say hallo to others from me and really hope to join you at the next nosh and natter.

  • Sorry will miss this one too as I will be in sunny Hayling Island for the weekend 🌞 Enjoy.

  • What a great idea! Unfortunately I'm away tomorrow but would love to come to the next one.

  • So sorry not to make it this time, Ian. I'm on granny duty for the weekend! Look forward to seeing everyone next time. Kay

  • Do you welcome attendees from anot her jurisdiction Beancounter?

  • I welcome all attendees from anywhere,

    I mean we allow Flapjack to come, so that should give you some idea :)

    Joking John love you really

    Everyone is welcome, it's very informal, you can bring partners, lovers (although not at the same time please) siblings, children, grandchildren and friends.

    Be well


  • Anyone wanna buy a cheap ticket for Waterloo.....I've decided to stay 'ome and clean the drains!!!

  • Please come....... I miss you

  • Oh awlrite then......

  • Thanks for your kind reply. Hope to join you for N&N sometime. Sounds fun!

  • Sorry I can't join you all tomorrow. I'd love to come and meet you all and discuss all things AF but I've got family visiting this weekend. I hope to make one in the future.

  • Sorry about this. Could you just confirm that EV cafe is behind waterloo tube station. Numerous folk have given me detailed instructions but for some reason I cant find any of the messages.


  • No behind Southwark Tube station, Waterloo is huge you would need much more detailed instructions. Isabella Street SE1


  • Thanks. I have just found a map and can see where you mean. X

  • Hope it went - I love inSwansea so a little to far forunch but good to see like minded people are meeting up

  • Reading the comments you sound like a good fun crowd - will have to try to come up - maybe next month or July

  • Hi Ian I am new to the healthunlock and I would be more than happy to attend AF gathering. Can you please let me know before hand please.

    Many thanks


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