extra vitamins?

just had first fast af followed by tia in the hospital. now on riveroxaban and solpadol. already take methotrexate and folic acid for my RA. Question is after reading loads of stories here, would it be a generally good idea to take vitamin d, potassium, magnesium and reduce caffeine and alcohol just to give a level playing field? Im not a big drinker and have lost 20lbs over past 6 months with calorie coubting and gentle walking. Feel a bit cheated that I got this episode tbh. im just 64. female. Any thoughts anyone. i did a huge "my story" but lost it somehow!

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  • yes to all your suggestions- I have stopped caffeine and have extra potassium in diet/ Magnesium prescribed by GP, no alcohol- find all very helpful

    You are anti-coagulated now so can relax I hope

    Take care

  • hi

    many thanks for your reassuring comments . still only 2 weeks in and surprised its taking me so long to get over the shock and come to terms with it. certainly does make you feel it is a life changing experience. its outside my control but under control and that's what im finding bit hard to be content with. I guess i expect too much of myself and feel a bit cheated. your comments have helped, thank you.

  • I hope it will be the same for you but it is nearly 3 years since I had any AF and it stopped when I noticed my potassium levels were below range in A and E and started the extra potassium in diet- added in Magnesium when I discussed this with a cardiologist.

    Also eating healthily and losing weight- all things you have already done- so I hope you find these things help a lot.

    It is a real shock to the system so two weeks is a very small time to adjust- If by chance you live in Surrey do let me know as we have started a support group which is very useful- also Ian (Beancounter) has regular meet ups near Waterloo if you are near enough? Next meeting is on 8th April at 12.30 in restaurant near Waterloo if you can make it. It helps a lot to talk to everyone i think

  • many thanks rosyg. all useful. just been looking at foods high in magnesium and potassium so will go that way for now. have follow up ecg on 6 april so will see if the eating right helps. i live in west yorkshire now but lived in ashtead some 30 years ago.


  • Hi Caos and welcome! You must fill us in on the missing 'my story' sometime :)

    Sorry to hear how you're feeling - and I understand the feeling 'cheated' thing - Bad enough to get it anytime, but seems more unfair when you'd put effort into getting healthier and thinner! But those things will definitely help in the long run.

    About the alcohol and caffeine I'd definitely say yes (to reducing or even cutting out, I mean!) Different people find they can tolerate them to different extents, some not at all.

    But regarding the supplements, I'm not so sure. I too would be interested in other people's wisdom and experiences, because my cardiologist recently told me quite forcefully not to take ANY supplements other than omega 3 fish oil. No multi vits, magnesium, co enzyme, folic etc etc... He said he didn't trust the interaction with other drugs. I'm currently on rivaroxaban, ramipril, bisoprolol and lansoprozole. (Though Im not sure if his argument was specific to my meds, or just general.) It quite shocked me, tbh. So I guess I'd say maybe double check with your cardiologist - or at least a Gp or pharmacist. :)

  • im going to try the high rated foods for magnesium and potassium to start. Following the "episode " at the hospital my gp has just flagged the fact that the hospital have given me omnaprazole since i was already taking ibuprofen and solpadol. he's suggested i double check with my rheumatologist and to stop ibuprofen as it was extra risk. he is so on the ball. sorry to witter on. Thanks for the welcome and the helpful comments. 😊

  • good that you are stopping Ibuprofen as it's bad for heart !!

    I think you will find most people think Magnesium supplements are safe- GP should prescribe- Potassium supplements are dangerous but in food it's fine.

    One person on here ( Relim) comes a long way to meet up in London- she gets cheap day returns so hope she sees this and can advise!!

  • Sorry to be slow here, caos52

    Yes, I travel by train to London from Cumbria and agree that it's well worth the time and effort to meet up. It's a good day out. I usually travel early and walk from Euston to Southwark and nip into the British Museum en route.

    Ian's dates are:

    Saturday 1st April (but not the 8th please note rosyG)

    Saturday 6th May,

    Saturday 17th June and

    Saturday 16th September.

    There are often special offers and I've managed to get a £10 ticket one way for April 1st. The cheapest the other way was £25 and considering what the fares are usually it's still good value as I travel just over 500 miles altogether. Tickets go on sale 3 months before travel, so have a look now for June 17th.

  • hi there

    many thanks for the info. At present not thinking about wanting to go anywhere but I'm sure that will change. Thanks again😊

  • Confidence takes a while to build but meeting people who carry on with life and don't let AF stand in their way is a good building block. I have the feeling there is an AF support group attached to Sheffield.Hospital. There are certainly meetings in York.

    Train tickets are on sale today up to June 16th but not yet for the 17th.

  • That all sounds good! And you're not wittering at all! It's all v interesting :)

  • Here's the story. I woke up at 4.30 am feeling out of breath, Thought it was my lungs going bananas. Tried yoga breathing, didnt work. Felt sweaty with cold and clammy, thought I was getting virus since my ears and head felt under a lot of pressure without any real pain. Throat felt a bit thick as well. After 15 minutes I thought I had better time it to see how long before it goes. By 5.15 it was still there and I was thinking I cant wake anyone up because this is just bit of nothing. Anyway given that my daughter happened to be staying with us that night (she is a paramedic) I knocked on her door. She took my pulse which was irregular and we were off to the hospital 20 mins away. The problem was once I had knocked on her door I struggled to maintain standing as all the energy seemed drained out of my body and all I could tell was that I was going to pass out and my stomach felt sick. Somehow she and my son helped me downstairs as I needed great physical support to do this. I was disorientated and did not want to lift my head up for some reason.

    Once at hospital whilst being transferred from chair to bed I started to try to say my lip was tingling and my face was beginning to feel funny like a cold pins and needles starting. The word didnt quite come out as intended , very slurred and this was diagnosed as tia. I was still doing my lung thing at this time and couldnt slow myself down with the breath. Heart monitor put on, ecg then another ecg, chest exray, carotid ultrasound, put on drip and constant blood pressure monitoring, loads bloods then cardiac bloods. Admitted at 9.30 am feeling very tired and unable to walk without support. They gave me two pills, cant remember what but by 12.30 my heart monitor suggested I was back in normal rhythm. Also my bowels were quite active, just helped with the queasiness I was feeling the whole time. Doctors and students did so many checks from the getgo, raising arms and all the usual stuff. The tia lasted 5 minutes and went on its own without any medical intervention but the fast breath continued til late morning. I was initially told I would be kept in at least a day but by 7pm after 6.5 hours normal rhythm I was allowed to go home with riveroxiban 20mg daily, bisoprolol for if it should come on again any time. Had lots of conversation about drugs since I have RA and take Methotrexate and folic acid, ibruprofen and solpodol. They let me home after my third ecg with omnaprazole as well as the other two above, given I was on the ibruprofen for my RA. Had by chance my quarterly appointment with my rheumatologist a few days later who was happy with all the drugs. Subsequently saw my GP after 10 days home and he was adamant that the Ibruprofen should go asap because of bleed risk doubling but to check with rheumatologist. So my RA is currently only on solpodal so I am crossing my fingers. Waiting for rheumatologist to call me back. Hospital have sent follow up ecg request on 6 April so that will be 6 weeks from episode.

    The reason I have given so much detail is to suggest anyone who has some or all of these symptoms not to wait around hoping it will go, it may not. I was lucky my daughter was there and for her occupation. It was scary, is scary. Going to bed has a bit of scare attached. GP had said my bp was bit too high so am monitoring that myself at home. Hopefully things will came down and once I can drive again will feel a bit more like my old self. GP will call me monday about magnesium supplements since i forgot to ask him. To be honest, past three weeks have been exhausting not doing an awful lot but yesterday I felt like I had some sparkle back and my energy levels seem to be on the up so maybe my body is getting used to the pills. I dont appear to have had any side effects. Will keep you posted if it happens again or if I find out anything which may be of help to others. Would be happy to hear from anyone who had a similar experience to me. I am 64, female, having lost 20 lbs in recent months and am healthier now than in my fifties! What can you say?

  • Good to hear you are picking up a bit. Let us know how you get on

  • thanks rosyg you are very kind. I think I've sent everyone to sleep with my lengthy script.

  • Wow caos, that really IS a backstory there ... thanks so much for sharing it. It's so easy just to think: 'I won't bother anyone/ it'll be all right', isn't it? I'm so glad you had your daughter there and she's a paramedic! Your guardian angel was on duty, for sure :)

    Hope that's been just a kind of blip-warning, and that now with the meds and the monitoring (do let us know what you're told about the supplements!) you'll be healthier than ever... xx

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