After a routine Amiodarone 6 monthly blood test last Thursday, Friday I get a phone call out of the blue from my surgery wanting me to see my doctor today. Apparently my thyroid is over active now , doc wants me to stop taking it, but doesn't want to tread on arrhythmia nurses feet , so my instructions were to phone arrhythmia nurse ,left an answerphone message , when I do get hold of her I've got to give her this info T4 32.8 and TSH <0.02. Worse of all they may not do my ablation on 24 th March, fingers crossed it all works out.

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  • Oh no, it's all designed to drive you mad isn't it! My thyroid went underactive when I was on Amiodarone, its taken a few years but I'm almost back to normal now. I think there's a thyroid forum on Health Unlocked I went on it when I was having problems. A helpful group the same as on here.


  • Wish u well

    Many studies have shown that Amiodarone can have a negetive effect on the thyroid gland

    Please research


  • Even if your Amiodarone is stopped, it stays around in the body in decreasing amounts for three months, I was told. I am sure with adjustment to meds, you will be fine.

  • amiodarone has a half life of about 3 months - so after 3 months half the drug is still in your body. after another 3 months a quarter of the drug is still present - and so on

  • Update- my amazing arrhythmia nurse specialist phoned me back and had spoken to cardiologist already who has said stop taking Amiodarone immediately. She has emailed EP in Bournemouth who is doing my ablation, Emailed thyroid specialist in the same hospital as her (Dorchester ) and even rung my surgery to book another blood test for next week and tell them what's going on. I have to watch HB over the next few weeks. I'm glad I'm off it now was hoping it would've been after a successful ablation with no hiccups but as Jean says designed to drive you mad.

  • Yes iv'e got thyroid trouble after over a year on Amiodarone, got to see specialist tomorrow about my thyroid,

    Had Ablation 3 weeks ago for persistant A F, had to do urgent thyroid blood test before Ablation but they still went ahead,

    Going to ring consultant next week to see with i can come off it, all so gives me red face ,blood shot eyes, not very good drug for rest of body.

    Good luck with Ablation

  • My arrhythmia nurse heard back from EP , ablation is cancelled as over active thyroid can cause AF, so even less chance of it working, would you believe it ?? So now endocrinologist wants to see me to get thyroid under control, then back on waiting list. I had 4 weeks to go and this happens after being on it for 10 months. I am soooo cheesed off at the moment .

  • sorry to hear that mate, everything takes so long these days, you'l get it sorted in the end,

    went to see Endocrinologist to day,gave me thyroid blood tests and said over active thyroid is causing my A F, but not defanate till had all the tests including a scan of gland in brain

  • I read that overactive thyroid can cause AF, I nearly laughed the drug I take to help af has given me overactive thyroid which also causes af, it's like a merry go round. Good luck and fingers crossed with your tests and scan, keep us posted .

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