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Hi to all,

I have a date for my first ablation in Cardiff under Feong Long on the 1st December. I've had two cardioversions previously but am in constant arrhythmia. In the paperwork for the op it says to stop taking Amiodarone 3 weeks before the ablation. Has anyone had experience of stopping Amiodarone? Should it be done slowly?



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  • Should you come off a beta blocker slowly? In my experience, YES. It is only fair to your body to allow it to adjust. Try to work out a schedule of gradual reduction so that you finally end up taking half a tablet on alternate days.

    If I remember correctly most of these drugs remain in your system for quite a long time.

    Good luck with the ablation.

  • Amiodarone is not a beta blocker. You can stop it suddenly at any time. It has a half life with various quotes ranging from 50 to 180 days. My personal experience is 14 weeks based on INR trends. I have no idea why they say to stop it only 3 weeks before an ablation. Has a good list of quality information.

  • I stopped taking it straight away on preparation for my last ablation.

    Similarly I stopped abruptly in the dim & distant past when I changed over to another drug.

    You may want to query this with your medics as they may want it out of your system completely before the procedure therefore a reason to stop immediately ......think it has a long half life.


  • I had my 2nd cardio version 3 weeks ago and am waiting an ablation.. I was not happy taking amiodarone and i stopped it... i know everyone is different but I've been off it for 3 weeks now with no problems... my heart rate is probably a little higher than if i were still taking it... but it had started to affect my eyes..... an eye test where they take a detailed photo showed calcium deposits but this is reversible I'm told...

  • Amiodarone gets so entrenched in all parts of the body that it takes months to be free of it.

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