Woohoo, I saw the consultant yesterday for my three month post ablation check, and after doing an array of tests and some close  questioning, he has discharged me. Apart from the occasional run of etopics and missed beats which are perfectly normal for me, everything is good. Because of my great age and being female (Cheeky bugger)!!! I am to continue with Rivoroxaban.   Armed with the arrhythmia nurses phone number and the instruction to call her should anything change in the future I left his office on cloud nine, and best of all I can drive again!!! 

For those of you wondering if putting yourself through it is worth it, it most definitely is, my quality of life has improved beyond belief. Given the same circumstances I would do it again, here's to the 2nd time being the cure!!

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  • Fantastic news. 

  • It certainly is Peter

  • Well done . Hope to see you soon.

  • Has a date been set for the West Country Lunch yet Bob?

  • Great news, it's good to hear that all went well. 

  • Thanks Jay x

  • Ooh you lucky, lucky person! So good to hear. x

  • I am Jeannie, I really am x

  • Wow MammaCass that's amazing, well done you! xx

  • Porsche, it's such a relief, and yes it is amazing to get my life back x

  • Onwards and upwards. That's the spirit!

  • It's the only way to go !!

  • Good to hear, I like good news!

  • Good news is always welcome, and I hear you are also doing well x

  • Hooray! So glad to read that Sandra. I've been thinking about you. Time for coffee? Jan

  • Definitely, text me the dates you're available x

  • Congratulations !

    What. Umber ablation was that please ? 

  • That was number 2 Susie, they did a cryo ablation originally for the AF! Then I developed a flutter so they did the normal ablation, I feel soooo good x

  • Such good news for you. Now go and live your life to the full.x

  • Thanks Dedeottie, I've started walking and playing bowls again, my world is beginning to open up, my social life is getting busy and I'm driving again...I've really missed being independent, so it's like a second chance...one I'm not going to waste!!

  • Fantastic news!  Now go out and catch up on all the fun things you couldn't do when you were going through AF. Anne

  • I've started Anne, out last night to hear a local band (with wine) and today I have a bowls match, I'm really looking forward to it x

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