Nosh and Natter

Nosh and Natter

Good morning everyone, as the morning finally are getting lighter and today even a hint of spring in the air with some sun... (at least here in London) thoughts turn to Nosh and Natter.

For the regulars, you know all about it, for those who are wondering what the heck I am talking about it's very simple, a group of AF sufferers, those who live in London, or find it easy to travel to London we hold very informal regular get togethers.

They are held on a Saturday lunchtime (has proved the most popular) at a VERY nice turkish cafe called EV in Isabella Street Waterloo, so with excellent travel links. I am sure some of our previous attendees will attest to how nice this cafe is, and how calm, and yes green..... Green Bits in Waterloo :)

For those who haven't the faintest idea what I am talking about we

Nosh (London for eat, but only if you want to) and

Natter ( can't remember, but it involves moving the lips)

So this year I am going to suggest dates for the WHOLE YEAR IN advance and will remind as they come up, and we meet at 12:30 to around 4:30 in the afternoon

Saturday 1st April as spring has sprung (John, April fools finishes at lunchtime please)

Saturday 6th May Spring should be full blown by then

Saturday 17th June summer in London (just that one day but you know)

Saturday 16th September after a summer break

Come and join us, or leave a message saying what the heck? I can promise you a warm welcome, a sympathetic and even empathetic ear, and some great salads.

Once again thanks to BobD for allowing me to steal the copyright to Nosh and Natter from him :)

Talk to me and Be Well


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  • April's in the diary and I promise to behave myself.....🙄

  • Early notification is an excellent idea and enables us to book ahead. I might manage June or September - cheap trains in April and May already seem to be elusive!

    (If this looks a bit stingy, I'll be travelling just over 500 miles in the day. I've been to two of Ian's Nosh & Natters, and it's been well worth the long journey.)

  • This sounds great. I'll try to come along to the April meeting. It'll be great to meet all of you.

  • Hi Ian, many thanks for posting the dates. Look forward to seeing you in April.

  • Hoping to be well enoughr after 3rd ablation, have always had to miss previous get togethers because not well enough. Would love to meet everyone and will try to make April. I am a very nervous underground user so would like to know if there is a bus from Paddington that goes near the venue?

  • Hi cbsrbpm

    Well that's a challenge, and is going to take you a long time sorry to say, over an hour by bus

    Take the 23 from Praed St to the Aldwych, get off and walk for 2 mins round the Aldwych to the south side and then there are 7 buses which go to Waterloo, 1, 4, 68, 168, 171, 172 or 188

    It's about 12- 15 mins mins by tube direct from Paddington to Waterloo on the Bakerloo.

    Or grab a taxi

    Be well


  • Yes Ian sounds like a taxi is best

  • Best of luck for tomorrow Brenda......will be great to meet you in April....I'm nothing like Ian makes out.....I'm far worse!!.....😉

  • Thanks John, must admit I am very very nervous at the moment. Have to be at Harefield today at 4pm so have the colly wobbles 😬

  • (((((((( Brenda ))))))))

  • Hi Ian, should have checked my diary first, will be in Scotland in 1st April but look forward to meeting in May!

  • I can potentially do 6th May and 16th Sep. Can OH come as well?

  • Yes Barb bring who you like, siblings, lovers, aunts, uncles, budgies and even husbands and wifes :)

    Be well


  • I hope to make the April one and possibly some others; I'm a Nosh and Natter Virgin and have been trying to source/organise a similar event in the south (Southampton/Portsmouth area as I think there's a few members on the IOW) in March. Perhaps I'll attend on 1st April to be enlightened before stealing the NnN copyright also!?

  • This sounds so wonderful. I wish I had a group. People I have met, keep to themselves and don't want an afibber bond. It gets lonely because people who don't have it don't understand what u feel. Family is supportive but they don't get it either and I know my condition depresses my husband. Thank goodness I have all of u to talk to.

  • Have you looked at 'People near me' in the pull down menu by your name?

    I was contacted by someone who lives about 19 miles away from me and five of us met up a few months ago and had a good natter. It's about time we were thinking about doing it again.

  • I'm in the USA, I don't see the pull down

  • Sorry about that. I had rather assumed we all looked at the same screen.

  • Thanks Ian for making these arrangements. I hope to be able to join you after all these years!


  • hope to make the 1st April

  • Many thanks for organising these excellent occasions, Ian. Look forward to seeing you in April.

  • Hi Ian. I would like to come to the nosh and natter in may. Is the cafe easy to find from the tube station. I am not very good at London travel. I will be coming from paddington.


    Jane x

  • Hi Jane

    Yes easy to find, from Paddington take the Bakerloo to Waterloo, then change onto the Jubilee for one stop to Southwark (very quick less than a minute)

    The cafe is behind the station, so come out and go left or right it does not matter. Simply go behind the station and you will see the little oasis that is Isabella Street, EV is the last cafe/shop furthest away from the station, about 75yd.

    Be well


  • Thanks Ian. It sounds easy to find. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Jane x

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