Nosh and natter

Nosh and natter

Hi all those London AF'ers and anyone in travelling distance of London, some suggested dates for a "Spring Nosh and Natter"

I thought a Saturday this time, still at the same location, EV in Isabella Street Waterloo, and how about

Saturday 11th April?

For those who haven't the faintest idea what I am talking about we

Nosh (London for eat, but only if you want to) and

Natter ( can't remember, but it involves moving the lips)

Very informal, we use a very nicely located Turkish cafe, surrounded by it's own garden (Yes in Waterloo green bits :) )

The salads are so delicious they are to die for, and being a Saturday you could combine with some shopping, or even a show? For the Carnivores like me, it is meat free, not that I miss it (but next door isn't, owned by the same people)

All are welcome, AF'ers partners, siblings children and even husbands :)

So leave me a note, or suggest a new date if this one is a definite No No.


Photo below (If it works)

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  • I can't do Saturday as teaching - could do Friday 10th if that suited everyone??

  • Hi Ian - The Saturday is fine for me & hubby. A weekday would not be good for us unfortunately as husband is still a worker and I am not a confident traveller to London.

  • I would like to come. I have not been to a "do" before. I live in Lewisham and would love to meet some of you. Please keep me informed if it goes ahead and when. Saturdays are fine for me.


  • Sounds good Ian, would love to put faces to names, Bella :)

  • Food can't be that good.....all the tables are empty!!!! I enjoyed your last meet and will definately try and join you for the next one.....John

  • I can come. Only If it's weekends or school holidays for me..


  • Thanks for organising this, Ian. Generally Saturdays are goo for me, but unfortunately I can't manage April 11th - am going away for Easter and won't be back by lunchtime.

  • That's fine with me but I am quite flexible.

  • Date is good for me. Not available following Sat.

  • Perfect for me.

  • Hi Ian

    Saturday 11th April should be OK - but am flexible with dates.

    Looking forward to meeting up with everyone again.


  • looks as if many can do that Saturday Ian so do take it- just organise another date soon!! I don't teach on Saturdays in school hols so perhaps in the summer???

  • Rosy, it falls within my Easter school holidays. Not yours then?


  • Sat 11th Apr is OK for me.

  • Sounds good to me.

  • I can come, would really like to meet up with others. Thanks for arranging this.

  • I would love to come for a nosh&natter - unfortunately I live down under - so can't be done. I haven't been able to source a similar afib support group where I live, in fact searching online, it seems no where in Australia is there such a group. Any Aussies afibbers out there have any ideas? Have fun all you London afibbers!



  • Don't worry Musetta, I used to live downunder and now live in Cornwall and its a bit far for me too, mind you I have shedloads of work commitments anyway so any of these activities would be out of the equation for me. There is a Facebook page Atrial Fibrillation Australia ... maybe you could try it and see what happens. Where are you in Oz ?


  • G'day AussieJohn, I'm in Newcastle - two hours north from Sydney. Yes I will try FB - although must say I'm not a huge fan!



  • I'd quite like a day out in London and come along, but it's middle of lambing so no chance.


  • I tried to print a copy for reference, but my printer refused with an error message though it worked as normal with another document. Has anyone else had the same problem?

  • Works OK for me. If you want to PM me I can email you a pdf version.

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