Nosh and Natter Saturday 24th September

Nosh and Natter Saturday 24th September

Nosh and Natter Saturday 24th September 2016

Hi all

Just a reminder (after a gentle and well deserved nag) that we shall be having another "Nosh and Natter" in Central London.

For those who have not been before we are not scary, only occasionally revert to cannibalism, and providing we keep John in his prescribed straightjacket even manage polite conversation (well most of the time) (I do love you John)

We meet from 1pm at EV Cafe which is in Isabella Street Waterloo, literally right behind Southwark Station.

It's a very informal gathering and we welcome sufferers, partners, children, parents and anyone connected to AF. We simply gather together and meet each other and discuss our common condition, plus of course anything else that takes our fancy.

EV, for those who have not been there, is a "salad bar" cafe and it serves the most delicious and tasty (yes I said tasty) salads along with their home baked bread and fresh squeezed orange juice. Even if you cannot make the Nosh and Natter go there and try the place.

It will last until the last person wants to leave.

Please just leave me a reply if you can make it so I can book table/tables for us all.

Be well


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  • I've got a choice......either I cancel my holiday to the States or I decline the opportunity of spending a Saturday afternoon being verbally abused by that IS a difficult choice!!!!

    I'm sure you will all have a great me a piece of Baklava!!

    best wishes, John

  • Hi Ian, look forward to joining the gathering on the 25th.

  • I'll be there ABW.

  • Am I going a bit funny or is Saturday 24th

  • No you are all correct SATURDAY 24TH

    Heck weekends are all the same to me :)


  • Still ain't coming!!!

  • Confuscious wasn't you Ian. It was Byronny who threw in the 25th!!!

  • No it was me Peter, I edited to the 24th


  • Didn't think of editing even though I use it myself!!!

  • I'll be there. Looking forward to it.

  • Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

  • Think I will join you this time.... I work quite close by!

  • Can I say yes provisionally? My daughter is due to give birth in September around that time and I may have my hands full!

  • I'll be there. See you all then.

  • I would be thrilled to meet you all! Can't promise as with other conditions it is really difficult. Would need to put my feet up on a chair to prevent fainting due to POTS, would be discreet. Would that be ok? I am on Thameslink line so am hopeful I cd get there...

  • Nothing to stop you putting feet up on a chair. If you are getting off at Blackfriars use the southern exit and then you can pick up a bus to Southwark or is OK it is a short walk. I use Blackfriars.

  • As usual Peter is right, get off at Blackfriars (southern exit) and either a short bus ride maybe only one stop to Southwark station, or a short wal.

    We can arrange two chairs for you not a problem


  • Thanks for compliment!!!

  • Many thanks Peter and Ian, for making me so welcome.

    And I am sorry to make it all about me, it's just that I'm a bit unpredictable in how much I can walk.

    Just wanted to know therefore, is there a lot of walking inside Southwark station? I remember it being more manageable than L Bridge etc., but that was when I was mobile...

    If this is irritating to all you others, sorry! Just need to plan as have other disabling conditions.

    (It's annoying and then when you meet me you'll think there's nothing wrong. But I think you all know the "Oh but you look so well" experience, only too well!)

    Well I look forward to meeting you and laughing in the face of AF!

    Best wishes from B

    (Ps Southwark may seem an odd choice, but it's a short walk from W Hampstead Thameslink to W Hampstead tube, (v small station, Jubliee line to Southwark.)

    Right I am now going to zip it, nada, zilch about travel. Apologies again for this.


  • Hi Boombiddy

    Yes that is a short transfer at West Hampstead, from Southwark station to EV is about 200 yds, come out of the station and turn left (Blackfriars rd) and then left again behind the station and straight over the road into Isabella Street, EV is the last cafe on the right in the railway arches.

    Be well


  • TfL can tell you exactly.

    I know they released a tube map with the walking distances between stations. There is also the map which tells you which carriage to get into to be by the exit. If they haven't released the map with walking distances from the platform to the station exit(s) then contact the mobility office (or similar name but basically office for help negotiating the network if you aren't fully abled.

    My gut feeling is that the distance from Blackfriars station to the bus stop is less than the distance from WHTL to WH Jubilee Line. Certainly going on Thameslink all the way is step free.

  • Hi Ian

    Enjoyed meeting everyone last time and hope to join you again.


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