No meds for three weeks

Hi folks, having recently retired we have decided to take it easy for a few months to assist my recovery from an unconnected matter. To that end we are in the sunshine and my diet has changed, I also have a fitness regime most days. After a few days I decided to stop taking Fleicanide ( I still take metmorfin for diabetes ) it has now been 3 weeks, no episodes, none of the usual feelings, it could be luck, and no I don't think I am cured, but has anyone else had an experience like this ? I get the odd flutter but nothing like I used to get.

I would welcome your thoughts.

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  • just a guess but it may be the exercise has raised your heart rate somewhat and so the errant signals don't get chance to kick in. Did you have a low heart rate previously ( when not in AF)?

  • No, just normal. I've mailed my specialist to gauge his opinion.

  • exercise is good for you anyway!!

  • By definition paroxysmal AF comes and goes. Long may it be on holiday.

  • I got off Flec, a black box warning drug that many MDs claim is "safe", over 2 years ago and havent looked back. My heart was in constant "catch up" it seemed. With that said, I wouldnt dismiss it as a PIP for the occasional episode, but only as a 2nd choice to supplements and acupuncture. For that flutter you now have, a good regimen of Taurine, Magnesium, Hawthorne berry and maybe some Vit C will address that. Hard to know unless you have your serum levels tested.

  • Every day that goes by is such a great feeling, just know it will come back but for now ..... 😀👌

  • I was diagnosed with paroxysmal a fib 9 mo ago, put on sotalol. Finally after 4 mo of feeling awful, finally saw an EP. He weaned me off sotalol and told me to take flecanide and metoprolol only if I have an a fib episode over 30 min. 5 months so far and no need for meds. He told me to drop 50 lb, eat good diet, exercise everyday and if a fib returns, wont be as severe. I realize it may come back but I sure do feel so much better, down 25 lb and havent felt this good in years. I too retired this year which has also helped as I had a stressful busy nursing job. Here's hoping for better health and great retirements!

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