Three weeks post ablation

As the title says three weeks since my ablation, have a little acid reflux and the occasional missed beat..... Not one Af attack I didn't realise how badly Af affected me until now , now I feel so well, l can move with ease , not tired my heart doesn't feel like it's going to explode my vavavoom is coming back I can walk ride a bike and have the confidence to book a holiday abroad , I'm back to work next week, nice and steady , I'll make the most of today as I know Af loves to surprise.

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  • Matvellous news, all done. Enjoy.

  • How lovely to hear. I do hope this continues for you. As you say..make the most of it.


  • Success stories are always welcome. We;ll done but do take it easy for a while yet.

  • YESSSSS !! I took a bit longer than three weeks but it was a life changing experience for the better. Sounds like you're the same. But there will still be setbacks - the occasional bad day when your heart doesn't want to play ball so don't worry or get depressed when they happen.

  • All sounds good. Try to keep away from taking Omeprazol for the reflux and you should be fine.

  • I have over the last 18 months learnt how unpredictable af is and follow posts on here for guidance and help, since my ablation I have felt great the heartburn / acid I treat by sleeping with a extra pillow seems to work . Everyday is a bonus and one thing I have learnt from this site is to ease into life after a ablation so I have. I will be back at work Monday but then on Thursday we're off to Majorca for a week .... how easy is that 😏

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