25 days since ablation - No AF & no medication except anti-coagulant Xarelto 20mg once daily

The only symptom I now get is a sort of "gap" sensation as often as a few times a day, or not at all. If I take my pulse I feel what seems like a missed beat. This can happen a few times before going back to normal. I've read that this is a "normal" post ablation symptom. Apart from that I feel 110%. Not doing strenuous exercise; just brisk walking and a few flights of stairs. Was told 30% of people have AF immediately after the ablation. I was one of those. Had several episodes with final being the longest - lasting 6.5 hours, 8 days after the ablation. In the year before the ablation I never lasted more than 8 days without needing PIP flecainide. I've now lasted 17 days.

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  • Well done. Ectopics or "missed beats"are quite normal and everybody gets them it is just that we AF-ers are so damned aware of our hearts that  we notice. It will take another couple of months at least for your heart to properly heal as I am sure they will have told you so don't worry for now.

  • Brilliant. Hope this continues. 

  • Glad to hear you are feeling so much better, take things carefully.

  • Hopefully you will now be able to measure your AF free time in months and years rather than days. 


  • Great stuff!  I am 6 weeks post ablation and have been doing OK apart from some very short bits of AF and ectopic beats ... until day before yesterday.  Went out in the evening (not drinking) and could tell the heart was wobbling a bit.  When I got home, it was clear I had gone into AF again and stayed that way until I fell asleep.  Got a recording on my AliveCor.  What a disappointment.  

    Since then, have had some more wobbling and lots of double beats.  Rang the support nurses and staying on the bisoporol a bit longer before trying to reduce.

  • I hope all goes well for you. I was told the AF can happen at any time        in the first year without meaning it is back to stay. 

  • Many thanks.  Just got to keep going I guess.  At least it is, generally,  better than before the op.

  • Long may this last!  Isn't it nice!  I was the same post ablation for a few days but then it stopped.

  • Really happy to hear it!  Wishing you a forever run of NSR.

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