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2 weeks post ablation

For the last few days I have been up and about walking and also done a bike ride, started with a short walk with the dog up till last night when we did a 4 mile walk and then today went for a bike ride with my 8yr old grandson.

I have had no af attacks just a few missed beats and also suffered acid reflux mainly at night, going to try a extra pillow tonight.

I have decided to stay away from work for another week and when I do start back will monitor the effect of early rising (4.50am). I have my appointment for a sleep clinic on the 26/09 and my follow up with my ep in December.

i feel positive and a fortnight without a attack has been like a little lottery win I hope I hit the jackpot.

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Well done. Please don't overdo it in these early weeks as tempting as it is. Don't rush bavk to work and undo all the healing process. Be well, so pleased things are going well.

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Good to hear that all is well, long may that continue.

Wishing you well.


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Well done all round. Take it easy for as long as you can.


Excellent - please don't overdo things as yuh can undo all the good work by doing too much too soon.

Ectopics are a pre-cursor for me and come when I have done too much - even though I think I haven't!

Good news!


Well done Bauldy, all looking good......best of luck, John


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