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Weird sensation in my heart

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone has had this feeling the other day whilst laying in my left side on the sofa.i got a weird sensation almost like a pulse of electric when up my side and towards my heart like an electric shock going to a pin prick on the middle of my heart not painfull but scarey enough to make me jump up.it was only for a split second.then last night whist laying down I had a similar feeling.like a pin prick to the middle of my heart almost like a jolt of electric very worried can anyone shed any light or had anyone had a similar experience.im 45 had second cardio version a good few months back.which worked I am on amiodrone.bisoprol,apaxiban.sprirolactone,quite bewilderd by the feeling and understandably conserved!

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Hi Danny. Have to say it does not sound anything like a symptom of AF, and I've had all sorts. My suggestion is to see your GP. It reads like a trapped nerve, but your GP is the start.



Hi pip,

I'm not in AF since my second cardio version thank god.its very hard to explain this sensation it's almost like your going to have a heart attack or a stroke or something it's like a shooting feeling on the heart suse and last night it was risht in my heart like a jolt.tvsnks for your reply I will see my GP.cheers pip


See your GP. However you may find that it's just your heart does not like you lying on your left side because when you do it gets squashed and compressed. I always used to sleep on my left side but no more.

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Thanks peterh !


That's strange because I only feel comfortable on my left side. Had AF for years but had a second ablation end of June and feel fine at the moment. Redders


Great news and long may it continue.

When I told consultant he said he was not surprised as most felt uncomfortable or had problems sleeping on left side.


Hello Danny. Would you describe it as feeling like a minor jab with a knitting Needle that lasts a microsecond and is difficult to pin point exactly? Location changes slightly each time but in the general heart area (well top left of chest anyway).

If so, yes I get them every now and then and I had my ablations 2.5 years ago. I have mentioned it to my doctor a few times over the years and he did not seem concerned. I always think it feels like a minor spark has crept out of the HT lead and I suspect that is not far wrong.


Hi Richmert yes it is very much like what you have described.but the first time it seem to shoot up the same side as the heart.but the second time.it was more like a knitting needle and did feel like a spark or like an electric current.I haven't seen gp yet so that's very re assuring.i had been doing a lot of stairs that day and generally probably over doing things !

Thanks Richmert !


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