Waves of Cold Going Through My Heart

I am almost 6 months post cryoablation and am only taking Eliquis. I also have a loop recorder implanted in October. For the past 6-7 weeks, I have been having short waves of icy cold in the middle of my chest. It comes and goes quickly - only seconds. But it does it all day long. There is no pain associated with it, but it is making me uncomfortable and nervous. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this or can shed some light on it. My blood pressure is normal and my heart rate stays mainly in the 80s. I have had no episodes of Afib since the ablation. Any help would be wonderful.

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  • I'm sorry I cant comment on the actual symptoms you're feeling, but just wanted to check you have activated your loop recorder on one of the occasions when you get these icy cold waves? Then the technician/cardiologist can see if anything electrical is going on.

    I have a loop recorder and when I had some kind of neurological incident I didn't think to activate it because it wasn't feeling like an arrhythmia. (Which apparently was silly as it's important to eliminate electrical causes behind any questionable symptom.) I'm sure you're more sensible than me though!!

    Good luck - I do hope you can find some answers and reassurance.

  • Oh, that doesn't sound pleasant, I've never heard of that cold feeling. Yes, activating the loop recorder would be wise. I am 1 1/2 months post cryoablation and have a loop recorder as well as take Eliquis. I've never activated mine, but would if something came up. Your doctor should be able to read the recording anytime even if you did not activate it. My EP checked mine after one month. Hope you figure it out.

  • It is rather unpleasant and I press my little button for the loop recorder whenever it happens - which is a lot. I'm hoping that it's still part of the heart rewiring and healing itself.

  • Good to hear you're more clued-up than me then! When do you get the recordings read? Might be worth mentioning that with my version of the loop recorder, once I've activated the recorder about 4 times, I need to ring the cardiology outpatient department to arrange to come in for a download of the information, as it can't store too many 'events' at once. (But you might have a more up to date version than mine- Some can be sent electronically I know.)

    Really hope you're not feeling too rubbish- and that it will show there's nothing worrying happening.

  • Hi JaneFinn: I haven't had the loop recorders read and you just opened up a lot of questions. One month after I had it implanted, I saw my PE. There was a woman from the recorder company there and she downloaded my info for the PE to look at. He found nothing alarming and told me he would seem me in a year! But since then, I've had the icy cold waves and skipped beats. I dutifully press the button to record and wonder: is anyone listening? Is there anyone out there to contact my doctor? I know that it uploads once a day around midnight because I see the light go on sometimes. The device must always be kept next to my bed. Getting an appointment with the PE is like trying to book a session with the Pope. I do have an appointment with my regular cardiologist (he monitors my cholesterol because I am unable to take statins for it) but I don't think he has access to my monitor recordings. I know I sound like an idiot, but I have no idea what to do.

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