Heart feels weird during exercise

Hi all,

When I do some yoga or exercise that makes my heart rate go up, sometimes it'll speed up and then feels like a CLONK, and slows down. It'll feel like it's having a hard time adjusting. Could it be that my heart is not used to exercise (I've just started really exercising everyday)? Anyone else ever feel like this?


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  • Yes I noticed when cycling that my HR would sometimes switch suddenly between two different, but stable rates.

  • I have noticed my heart doing this when I start swimming but it then seems to settle down. I have come to expect it now but don't particularly like it. Best wishes Kath

  • Unless you a competing at club level, your body needs some rest days. Even as a club runner you would be scaling up your training over three weeks, then easing right back in the fourth week before starting the cycle again.

    If you are doing inverted poses such as shoulderstand in yoga or with locked muscles such as the one hundred in Pilates - particularly with restricted breathing - your heart rate will be disturbed. My consultant neurologist - I've had a full stroke - has treated someone who had a stroke during an inverted yoga pose. She has told me: no inverted poses (apart from legs up the wall relaxation pose), no locked neck muscles, no holding my breath and, no kettlebell routines. Static bike and rowing machine are OK though.

  • Oh my goodness is inverted pose in yoga a risk for stroke??

  • My neurologist said that there hasn't been a clinical study on the risk from inverted poses so she was speaking from her clinical experience. You may be aware that the carotid artery in the neck can become restricted by plaque. It follows that compressing the neck could either restrict blood flow to the brain or dislodge plaque. We forget that yoga was originally taught to young males so give them the strength and flexibility to be warriors. Last week I discussed inverted poses with an experienced yoga teacher who no longer does them, as she doesn't feel a benefit. In my view, legs up the wall relaxation pose is great at any time but particularly after a high cadence Spin session. You haven't mentioned the type of yoga that you are practising; e.g. Ashtanga, Kundalini, Vinyasa Flow. Have you tried shavasana between poses and at the end of the practice? I read that Patanjali never said that yoga should hurt; therefore be good to your body.

    Namaste, John

  • Haha... I don't practice any yoga but have been considering it! Thank you for the advice and Namaste :)

  • I've been doing vinyasa flow. I just pull up a YouTube video and do 35 minutes. I almost always sleep better after yoga. My heart rate seems to go down and I feel more relaxed after. I recommend!

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