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Ongoing pain after ablation

Hi. I am 9 weeks post ablation and would just like to ask if anyone else has experienced the following phenomenon after ablations....firstly, i have a LOT of ectopic beats daily..from recent ECGs and hospital admissions, docs said i am in 'bigemini' a lot. The sensation of this is such that I often feel like I am on the verge of going into is not pleasant but if this is 'normal' then that would somewhat reassure me. The other thing is, that I sometimes get a momentary sharp pain right in the middle of my is difficult to describe..very transient and unpredictable. It feels almost like a small electric shock pain. But it does not make me double over or anything as it is so momentary. Any feedback of similar experiences greatly appreciated:) Merry Christmas Eve!!!

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Hi Eve, At 9 weeks you are still in the recovery period so things will happen. Ectopics are not a bad sign but I know how upsetting they can be. I was still getting them up to 8 months after my last ablation. Not sure about the pain but it could still be to do with the procedure. Hopefully you will be near to your follow up appointment by now so you should be able to discuss with your EP If not, then why not ring his secretary and talk to her about it.


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Thank you name isn't Eve..i was saying 'Merry Christmas EVE' ....oh that has given me a wee giggle for the morning! When you had ectopics, did it feel as though you could tip over into AF? That is why mine bother me. Thanks for your reply and actually it is reassuring that they can last a while and then settle:) i have EP appt early jan which is great. I have seen him already so he has been great. I am cautious of mentioning every symptom, as i have been admitted to CCU twice since ablation and I really did have a negative experience during one of those admissions as I found that when one particular doctor couldn't medically explain certain symptoms that I have, such as going into AF when i lie back, she was very quick to judge and invent theories that I am 'reading too much into it all' and ' making presumptions based on coincidences'. That is why i like this be open and actually hear other similar experiences which validate my own. I was treated like a neurotic by that particular doctor. It was disturbing to be dismised like that.


Ignorant people. Some time ago we had a plan to make an AF vest rather like a pregnancy vest for men so that we could strap stupid doctors into it and make them see what it felt like.

I had multiple ectopics that would go 123 1234 12345 etc up to eleven and back to three which were almost as bad as the AF. Drugs held it back which was why I took 8 months to wean myself off propafanone. Yes I was fearful the whole time I would pop back into AF.

Sorry about the name .Stupid Boy! Got a lot on my mind this morning. Septic tank backing up and ten guests due . Managed to get them in to empty today with luck. Soak away seems blocked! Ah well nothing money can't sort I guess but I really didn't want the loos out of action with my wife's family arriving any minute. . Can't very well tell them they have to go back to their Premier Inn every time they want to go. lol

Have a good one



You sound busy Bob! But a septiglc tank and ten guests sounds like wee buns for you! Yeah..the ectopics remind me i am often on the verge of AF which i do still go into most days but even when i don't, the ectopics are there a lot. Maybe a change of meds will help, not that i was hoping that would be the answer. Is there such a thing as a patients' advocate in cardiology services? We have one in the field i work in...they are great. You would make a great patients advocate Bob. Vony:)


Hi again Vony, I do a fair bit with AF -A but don't think there is such a thing although "expert patient " is a term I accept. Recently been re-jigging a number of publications so that they read from a patients point of view and are more easily understood. Patient's advocate sounds fun but I think I have enough on already and often have to decline trips from my home down here in Devon to London for meetings as I can't always justify a twelve hour day for a two hour meeting.



HI after reading your post I realised I have exactly the same symptoms

but couldnt put a name to them, somehow Im never quite sure whats

what. I keep thinking Im going into af but am not sure if I have as I dont

always know. My heart beat keeps picking up speed and when I take my pulse its all over the place. Im 8 weeks post ablation and find my energy

level quite low but it is early days, I do not have any pain at all and feel

quite well till I try and get a few jobs done or shop for more than an hour

or so, When out and about I have come to realise that there are not many

seats in shops and have even been know to sit on fitments. I tend to go

to the shoe department always one there, had a few funny looks but

needs must. My follow up appointment is early January which Im quite

pleased about. Hope this helps. Shirley.


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