I am out of bed!!!

Firstly, as ever, a huge thanks you to all that answered me.

I have finally got my bum out of bed today and trying my best to see the positives and really there are a lot of them. I have a great medical team wanting to help me and the support on here and friends and family who understand – plus summer is on its way so I can get into the garden soon and obsess with my plants!

So I have 2 months apx until my ablation – I have been very stupid and started smoking again and eating rubbish – So my plan is tomorrow May 1st to take the bull by the horns and start again helping myself and my surgeons. I know if I carry on smoking I will be too scared to have my ablation and also my stomach op (carrying a 4st oedema really is getting me down)

These arrhythmias are not the end of the world and even if they can’t be ‘cured’ I am sure the ablation will help. I am 99.9% convinced they wont kill me now (it’s only taken 6 months for this!!) I am on rivaroxaban so I am protected against a stroke and hopefully the can remove Boris (my pet name for my oedema!! – My doctors think this may also be contributing to my arrhythmias)

So a huge thank you to all you lovely people again – Apologies for my moaning meltdown the other night – It’s just so nice to know you all can identify with it and understand! I guess it’s up to me now to make these changes. – Pollyanna is back!!

Sara xxx

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  • Don't worry. We are all on here to help and supporting as best as we can.

    Glad you are feeling better today  

  • Good to hear that Sara.

  • Good for you

  • Take things steady we all have to sometimes ! you will be fine.

    Believe in yourself.


  • Great! Onwards and upwards. 😊

  • keep on keeping on. Aim high for next year - short term goals to reach long term goals. Be gentle with yourself this year and if you smoke or eat one day - remember the next day starts a new day. If you put too much pressure on yourself you will fail!!!

  • Have you read Alan Carr's book?  I did, stopped smoking in October 2012 and never looked back. What have you got to lose. You can download it from amazon. 

    Good luck with the op and sure getting rid if that will be an enormous help with AF.  Add stopping smoking and you will be running mnarathons!!


  • Yes I have tried but never read the final chapter where you put your last cig out!! But its sat next to me now ready to read!!

    I feel im truly ready to pack it in now im need to have this op as healthy as poss. I did stop for months after my initial diagnosis but thought ...oh one won't hurt...how stupid! ! X x 

  • You sound very positive now so I am sure all will go well for you. 


  • My sister stopped using E cigarettes - I stopped 30 years ago but I tried hers and thought, wow I could start again.  The impact of an E cigarette was just as good.  Might be worth a try?

  • well done to you, fair play! good positive thinking and that life is worth living is a great feeling, very good luck with everything , keep us updated

  • Thank you x 

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