Finally out of the bed

Since I came home I have pretty much been in the bed. Today I moved out o the couch. I can't say how my day will go because I moved just right last night for me to wake up and take my meds so I'm a still dopey. I won't be doing very much Without someone in the house with me. Last night I had to get up and all I did was stumble about to get to the bathroom. That was before I took my pain meds. I did not like that. My husband was bothered by it as well. Now my feet were slightly swollen this morning too so I know I need to move around a bit more. I will get there but after all the mess I have gone through in almost four months I'm in no rush to get up and do a darn thing. Reseting my brain is priority on my list. I may even get some quilting done today. Anything to make me feel good.

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  • Slowly does it, it will pay dividends. Need to get brain engaged I agree as its key to our health and recovery. Quilting sounds good.

  • Sounds like you are doing the right thing at this stage in your healing process. I hope today is a better one for you.


  • Well done Ruby - even thinking about doing some quilting is a positive thing.

    Have a better day.

  • Yay quilting! What are you making?

  • I'm hand quilting a top called "Dance of the Dragonflies". After that I have to have some help putting a nine patch on a frame so I can hand quilt it. But I'm in no rush for that one just yet. My left shoulder is not happy with gravity right now. I hope to be better really soon so I can get back to quilting..

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