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Update on AF/Flutter Journey

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Hello everyone hope you are all keeping well,

Just wanted to let you know that I have my date for my second ablation, it’s scheduled for Monday 21 st December! I’m over the moon, but feeling nervous nevertheless. I understand from my EP that he will be ‘re visiting ‘ the PVI, and then ‘sorting out your other atrium’.

I will need to go for my covid test on the 18th December. I feel very lucky to be getting the procedure done, and I pray it will finally help me get my life back. I am still not able to go out for my walks as my blood pressure falls into my boots on the slightest exertion now, and I feel as though I will pass out. Despite keeping well hydrated it is not getting any better. My EP said it is because my heart is not functioning at its fullest capacity. Oh this horrible condition really is a demon.

I know so many people are also struggling to cope in these very difficult times, but some days I feeling so very low and alone. I don’t know what I would do without the kindness and support of you all in this wonderful community.

Not too long to go now now until I have my next ablation, and I will let you all know how things go. In the meantime I would really appreciate you support and help with my feelings of loneliness that have suddenly crept up on me. I think it’s because I have been feeling so poorly most days now, but I know it won’t be for very much longer - I hope 🤞.

So sorry to go on, and I am so grateful that you have read this far. I must admit I have had enough now of feeling so low, and down it is just not like me at all. I am usually a glass half full person, but this darn condition and past months have made my glass feel half empty!!

Thank you again for reading this post, I do hope you are all keeping well and safe. My very best wishes to you all for a safe and peaceful Christmas 🎄.


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Hope this ablation will be the cure for you Ochg.


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Ochg in reply to jeanjeannie50

Hello Jean, I do hope so. My QOL has been dreadful, with this ongoing BP problem. Despite all my best efforts! Fingers crossed 🤞 second ablation will sort out the problem. Thank you Jean for your support, it is a great comfort to me.

Will let you know how it goes.

Shirley x

Hi Shirley Great news you have the date set and let’s hope they mail the monster this time!

I’m sure that it will be the best Christmas present if they do.

Main thing now is to conserve your strength and make sure that post ablation you take it really easy

I would also think you should manage expectations about your blood pressure immediately after the procedure my guess is it will not “ reset” to normal most probably but grow back to normal as you heal and recover

Have a great and fingers crossed afib free Christmas


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Ochg in reply to Sfhmgusa

Thank you Steve for your support. As you say, I must not expect great changes in my BP initially, but hopefully in time it will get back to a more normal level.

Will let you know how things go.

Hope you have a nice restful and NSR Christmas too!

Shirley x

That's an early Xmas present ! Be good to get it done ,and nice excuse to watch all the films ..

Seriously I hope this benefits you,you have nothing to lose by having it done and a lot to gain.

Having been there before you know what to expect ,so I suppose you are planning meals etc in advance ?

Will be thinking of you.

Roll on Spring 2021 when we all hope to be in better times!

Wishing you a nice NSR Christmas too.

Warm wishes xx

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Ochg in reply to wilsond

Good morning Wilsond,Thank you so much for your support, it means so much. I sincerely hope this next ablation will help me get some life back! I know what to expect as you say but still doesn’t help with my feelings of anxiety! Never mind, fingers crossed all will be well. My very best wishes to you for a peaceful and safe Christmas.


It is the best Christmas present ever Shirley. Here for you as always.


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Ochg in reply to Cally53

Thank you Cally xx

Good luck, my dear xxx

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Ochg in reply to Jajarunner

Hello Jajarunner,Thank you for your support, it means a lot. Will let you know how it all pans out.

Take care, and best wishes for Christmas.

Shirley x

Wonderful news! Do you have anyone to look after you when you come out? Be careful to take it very easy, and yes, watch lots of films over Christmas. Good luck x

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Ochg in reply to irene75359

Thank you Irene,I will be staying with my sister and brother in law for a while afterwards, don’t think I could cope on my own for a bit. I truly hope once it is all done and I’m on the recovery road I will be able to get some sort of life back, fingers crossed 🤞.

Thank you again for your kindness, and I hope your Christmas 🎄 goes well.

Shirley x

I really hope that will be the final ablation for you, please let us know on your recovery can i ask when was your first ablation?

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Ochg in reply to Padayn01

Hello Padayn01, Thank you for your support, I will let you know how it all goes.

My first ablation was in July this year, was fine for first couple of weeks then the problem with my very low blood pressure started. So I am really hoping this next ablation will eventually sort the every out !


Hope all goes well Shirley x

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Ochg in reply to Easternmost

Thank you for your kindness and support, it really dose mean a lot. Must admit feeling a bit apprehensive, even though I know what to expect. Must try to relax.

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Easternmost in reply to Ochg

It is easier said than done isn’t it! Remember to breath to calm the body and trust that the professionals will do their upmost to give you the best possible outcome and remember that we are all here to support if you are feeling worried x

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Ochg in reply to Easternmost

Oh thank you so so much Easternmost, just wish I could lift my mood today,🤣🤣🤣.

The 21st is one week away; wishing you the best. I also have blood pressure problems, but high in my case. Also my blood pressure seems to have gone wacky since all this AF started four years ago. I would be interested to know if your blood pressure stabilizes after your ablation.

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Ochg in reply to cuore

Hello cuore,Yes 8 days time will be at the hospital. I’m trying hard to keep calm, even though I know what to expect I’m still very nervous 😟.

I am really hoping that my blood pressure will stabilise, my EP has said it is linked to my AFib/flutter, so fingers crossed 🤞. Will let you know how it all goes.

Thank you for your kindness and support.


You are not alone hun we are all here for you and know what you are going thru! I am in flutter now and I know how you feel! It could always be a lot worse so try to think of glass half full because it is! You will be fine! Xoxo

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Ochg in reply to Pamid

Hello Pamid,Oh thank you so very much for your kindness, I am sorry to hear you are in flutter right now. It is horrible, I pray 🙏🏻 you are soon back in NSR.

I know I am lucky to be getting this second ablation, so I do need to think glass half full NOT half empty. With the support of you and the wonderful folk in this community it is certainly a great source of comfort for me. I will let you know how things go.

In the meantime I send you my very best wishes, and thank you again for your support.

Shirley x

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