3 weeks post ablation

Just thought an update might be interesting or helpful to those of you contemplating an AF / Flutter ablation.

I was told that I could have some symptoms for up to 3 months .I have had a few that I'll share with you.

Firstly I've had 4 occasions of what is called a silent migraine with aura. I never have had a migraine before the ablation but since have had this phenomenon of incredibly vivid shimmering light shapes travelling across the eyes, open or closed but without any pain or headache. The first one made me feel quite sick and lasted about 30 mins but since they are reducing in time and sensitivity to the last one which was very mild and lasted only 10 mins. I might be wrong about this but I believe is a rare symptom of the transeptal puncture procedure in the ablation (I did find a study from a U.S university that out of 500 + patients 3 reported this migraine aura. I did check with my G.P. that this was what it was as I was worried about visual disturbance because of my previous stroke.

Secondly I've had very minor bursts of AF / Flutter and ectopic beats which oddly I've found rather comforting because before they were so bad that I'd often end up in hospital and these are so incidental now that I'm sure I probably wouldn't be aware of them if I was a "normal" person" !!!!!!!!!!

At the moment I'm so happy that I have a permanent grin even in this not so perfect summer.

Good Luck to all those having their ablation soon -Thinking of Jean tomorrow who's having hers tomorrow


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  • Fi, I am so happy to hear this. I had the same in the first 3 weeks (the minor attacks). Mine were so weak that I wasn't sure if I was having an attack.

    That's very interesting about the migraines. I had never heard of that. I pray that things just get better and better for you.


  • Hi Fi

    So glad to hear that you're doing well - keep that grin going! Thank you for your inspiring post and I hope those migraine attacks soon disappear. Thank you for thinking of me.


  • Good luck for tomorrow Jean. Looking forward to hearing your good news once you are on the mend.



  • Sorry Jean I did mean Wednesday. Forgot today was Monday ,thought it was Tuesday therefore tomorrow to my mind was Wednesday -work that out !!! Perhaps I can put forgetfulness down to the ablation as well.

    Thanks Tim ,I'm on Cloud 9 at the moment - do hope my bubble is not going to burst anytime soon


  • Fi, just remember the 3 to 6 month period. I know those who still had attacks up to the 5 month mark and then 1 day they just stopped. Praying for the best.....


  • Pleased to hear your positive news Fi. Good on yer! Hope the migraines ease soon.



  • Hi Fi, I'm glad it seems to be working out. I wouldn't worry about the aural migraines, just lie back and enjoy the psychedlic experience! I had them after my ablation, I think it's due to the anasthesia used. I've heard that at least half of people get it, so it's not that unusual.


  • Hi Mark,

    Iinteresting to hear that you also had an aural migraines. you are the first person I've heard of having them. I even rang the cardiologist at the hospital who couldn't shed any light ( no pun intended) on what I was experiencing but my GP immediately knew what I was describing . When you know what is happening and that it's not always dangerous it alleviates some of the fear.

    The worst thing about AF the first time you have it you're sure that you're going to die and although sometimes very difficult to deal with you start to understand it and after a period of time the anxiety does get slightly less.


  • Hi Fi, I agree with mark about the anaesthetic. I had a few things like that as well as terrible memory problems for a month or so .


  • Been told by my cardiologist that as I have PAF I do not need an ablation, in other words I've got to learn to live with it, hey ho

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