Dark days

And even darker nights. Sat here feeling sorry for myself I was diagnosed with PAF late last year but looking back I suffered episodes from 2009. I have now been in slow HR AF (about 70 bpm) for nearly 36 hrs and feeling anxious my beautiful little grandaughter is three today and I can't miss her party 75 miles away for the world. Apart from the fact I have all the food in the boot of my car I simply have to make the trip. I am 68 with a vas score of 1 and don't take anticoagulants (my EP'S advice) I am due a abalation around April/May time. I do have a Bisoprol 1.25 as a pip which I have been taking for rate control but the HI is still slightly uneven. It's now 5.30 and it feels a lonely and rotten life right now and it's been a long night. Sorry to go on so.

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  • Hi Roy,

    You are going to have a great day with your Grandaughter, be positive, your heartrate is low, so no problem there, and if l remember correctly, your AF attacks do not last very long anyway.

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Roy,

    Forgot to say, have you taken Flecainide to get you back to NSR?

  • Roy, I really do sympathise. You are now at the stage that I reached prior to my ablation. You feel generally rotten and you feel unreliable in that you are afraid to make arrangements in case your heart will be fibrillating. This is why you are going ahead with the ablation. You are doing all that you can to rid yourself of this condition to ensure that you will have no regrets.

    It's better weather to-day, have a safe journey and I hope that you manage to have a good day.

    Best wishes.

  • Roy, I do hope you are back in sinus rhythm and I have every sympathy with your dilemma. Sometimes I just take 2 paracetemol or co codamol and drink pints of water and that seems to help in situations like this.

    I agree... it is a pain having to think of cancelling.... but it is a long drive and it could stress you out and make you feel worse. Next year your little grand daughter will be four and you will hopefully be af free.....so it isn't the end of the world...

    I would suggest that you get ready to go and then sit for a while and promise yourself you will go when your heart gets back to sinus rhythm...

    I sometimes find that works too!

  • How very bothersome, but I hope this will resolve speedily for you. The long miserable night is now over.

    Although you have an ablation ahead, I would seek a reliable method of controlling your AF - like a pill in the pocket - in the meantime.

    I once got caught with a schedule of visits and train journeys through the day and AF first thing in the morning and I asked a pharmacist for advice and he said I should see a doctor. I knew that would totally obliterate my plans so I just soldiered on and went back into NSR about 8pm, having had a successful and memorable day. I have once driven a short distance with AF and wonder how people with persistent and permanent AF cope.

  • Mind over matter I guess Rellim. I remember once doing an engine change on a rally car in the middle of Wales and riving 200 mile back all whilst in fast AF. Nobody else in the van could drive so no option really. Took me two days to recover but it had to be done.


  • Surprising what you can do if you have to!

  • Honiton to Bodmin was interesting in AF. I had driven all the way from Brighton without problem when a van pulled out on me in Honiton. I slammed on the anchors and wallop, straight into AF, not the back of the van.

  • take care Richmert!

  • Hi Roy, you say you have a slow heart rate and then say it's 70bpm. Is that right, because 70bpm is a very good standard heart rate. My normal rate is about 62bpm and I believe that between 60-80 are normal rates.

    We are all here for you so never feel lonely with this condition.

    Big hug, my AF friend and hope you are soon feeling happier.


  • Thanks jean and everyone else for your comments, advice and most of all your kind words. Jean, my normal HR out of AF I'd between 45 and 50 resting. When I went into AF on Thursday it increased to 70 although lumpy my alivecor said i was in Af. Just 20 minuted ago i reverted to NSR but with a HR of 70 bpm I did get to my grandaughter 3rd birthday. Surprising what a little cuddle from her can do to your sense of wellbeing. Thank you everyone this forum and the people on it are priceless. Roy

  • Very glad you got your granddaughter's birthday party! I often think a cuddle is as good as any drug treatment :)

  • Hi Roy. Many others have already responded,so there isn't much I can add other than let you know that what you are feeling or have felt is exactly how many of us feel when AF strikes. For me it would always be on holiday just as I was enjoying myself most! Because it has no obvious external physical appearance, you know people will be tempted to say pull yourself together, or at least you feel that's what they think. All I ever wanted to do in AF was hide away and just hang on until it passed. Of course, one day it didn't pass and I started the journey towards ablation. At least you know there could well be light at the end of the tunnel soon. I'm pleased you got back to NSR and managed to enjoy the day eventually. Good luck with the ablation and let us know how you get on after.

  • Thanks bob I do appreciate you taking the trouble to reply and what you say really does make sense. Thanks Roy

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