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RF Ablation 12 days ago


I am now the other side of my RF ablation which has gone really well. Apart from a migraine two days after the ablation I have had no discomfort at all, apart of course from the usual bruising in the groin. I do however still feel really tired but am being guided by my body which I think is really good advice to everyone who has an ablation. Our body really does know best. My heart has been beating normally which is a wonderful feeling, especially after being so unwell following my cryoablation last year. I haven't driven yet but am hoping to do that at the end of the week.

I know it is still early days but my positivity is once again to the fore, together with being mindful of deep breathing, all of which I know helps and being confident in my consultant!

I just want, once again, to thank everyone on this forum who are so very supportive. It is a great place to go if you are unsure about anything to do with AF. I don't know what I would have done without you all.

Here's to a healthy future for all of us. And remember, you may need more than one ablation to kick AF into touch, as difficult as it may be, take a deep breath and go for it, it can make a world of difference .


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Sounds positive Gloria. Hope you have read the fact sheet on recovery.

Sounds good - remember to allow time for the heart to recover

Lovely to hear from you again Gloria and so pleased to hear you're doing well. Long may that continue.


Thanks Jean. I hope you are keeping well too. I did try to PM you but I don't think you received it

That’s great news, wishing you a continued recovery!I had my first RF ablation in July but unfortunately I have been quite unwell since then and the AF episodes I had before which were only once every week or two are now almost daily and longer in duration despite being on amiodarone. I am having my second ablation in January so your experience gives me hope! Thanks for posting.

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