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7 Days Post Ablation

After writing my last blog on Monday stating how well I felt, I had a little let down. After having a day feeling so well, that very night while in bed I decided the wires in my electric blanket were digging into me and that I would get up and take it off. Immediately afterwards I had the most awful ache in the top of my chest, never had anything like it ever. Of course I was half convinced that it was the start of a heart attack. After about 15 mins it went away - I hadn't had any other symptoms other than the ache. Well, with hindsight now, I think it was just a bad case of indigestion made worse by the fact that my oesophagus was probably a bit inflamed from the ablation.

Tuesday my chest felt sore and I was feeling lethargic and very sorry for myself, but today feeling good again. I find that by moving around more rather than just sitting makes me feel so much better.

I haven't been out myself to get any shopping recently having relied on others, so am running quite low on supplies (my first trip to the supermarket this afternoon, hopefully). Well, this morning I found myself longing for something nice to eat and searched the cupboards and there was the lovely large chocolate rabbit that I'd bought for my granddaughter - yes, you've guessed it, I've eaten the lot!! Gosh I feel so much better!!!

Everyone there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Jean X

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Im so happy for you

Take care and enjoy your life and chocolate

Im sure everyday will be better day and try your best not to let anything to let you worry

Believe in god and depend on him and you will stronger everyday


What a lovely piece of advice ,with all the meds in the world ,this is the best one ,,just plop all your feelings into his hands ,and he will sort them out ,God Bless you Jean ,also Tim and Maitha, for there kind and reasurring words .I was diagnosed earlier this year and found getting used to bisoprolol and warfarin a night mare ,on my weary days ,i read ,and try to be as peace ful as possible in this chaotic world we live in ,Do take care KInd Regards poppy storey .


Another small advice try to be more close to others , faily or friends

Relationships make all our matters easier ;)



It's good that you are trying to keep a positive attitude about all of this. It will make the recovery much easier.

You may have had some pains from your heart. I had minor chest pains after my ablation. My EP told me that I probably would. They did quite a bit of damage in there and after pains are normal. Mine lasted for a few weeks but never were very bad... More of an ache.

I'm glad that the chocolate helped, but watch out. Many including myself have found that chocolate is a trigger for AF.

Hope you feel better and better each day... You're still in my prayers.



Hi Jeannie,

It sounds as if things are going well.

I think family, friends and chocolate (sensible warning Stand) are a great combination to help you over the bumpy bits.

Best Wishes



Thank you all for your messages of support. They are all very much appreciated and the advice welcomed.



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