Night on ward before ablation Part 3

Night on ward before ablation Part 3

Just been told im going to be wide awake for cardio ablation and they will numb groin with local anaesthetic, thats all! Im the first one in and they're doing 3 ablations tomorrow, im first in at 9 am and very much doubts ill be going home tomorrow , lights went out at 10.50 so im just laying here watching tv as i type in the dark, im really not looking forward to this, and the canula i have in my arm is really getting on my nerves i got pins and needles in my fingers, just wanna pull the dam thing out now, was really hoping i was going to go home tommorow too.

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  • Hiya Steve,

    They will numb your groin but should also give you some sedation, If they don't offer it you can insist on it.

    I was always first on the list at 8.30 am, best to get it over with and then back to rest.

    Its a real pain being in overnight! better in your own bed and no bugs to catch!!

    Never mind, hopefully it will all be worth it and you will soon be home.


  • Hello Steve.....I really sympathise over the canula.....very high on my hospital hate list.I hope you get some sedation.I had a 'minor' heart op. with sedation and was not expecting much but it was brilliant. Thinking of you and hoping to hear good news soon.

  • Hi I'm a week post 2nd ablation and it's not a holiday but a means to and end hopefully and not as bad as you imagine.

    One word of advice is... During my first ablation when they ablated it was sometimes uncomfortable sometimes painful and eventually the nurse had noted my face and asked if I was hurting to which I replied yes but it has to be done. There reply was no no we can give you pain relief!!! And it made all the difference to ablation no 2 I was not shy nor did I suffer in silence! It really is not too unpleasant I'd do it again if I had to because living with it is worse.

    Both my ablations lasted 3 hours and I'd of stayed longer if it meant they zapped all the bits they needed.

    Good luck tomorrow.. Staying in after is not great but take some comfort in knowing that you'll be monitored properly afterwards. Both mine I was sent home same day after the 2 hour flat, 2 hour sit then 1 hour move (I was also done first) and it was good until I got home then started to worry about EVERYTHING.

    Chin up try and sleep and update us tomorrow :) X

  • Thanks devine, suppose im in the best place, going to try n sleep now, thankyou for your advice, its very comforting.

  • All the best Steve,I wish I could swap places with you,I'm lying here at 5am can't sleep,heart banging like a drum,medication hopeless..can't wait for an Ablation,

    So you are definately in the right place..Good Luck..Terry.

  • Thoughts are with you, since many of us have been in similar position.

    Just one encouragement is that they can now most often do more than in the days gone by. Its a wonderful medical breakthrough. Blessings & prayers,

  • Morning Steve!

    Firstly I'm surprised you've been told no sedation....would have thought it would be advantageous to both you and your EP for you to have this. Ask for it otherwise.

    If you feel pain let them know and they will top up through your cannula.

    I wouldn't worry too much about staying an extra night if that us their practice. You will feel more reassured after this is over.

    All the best & await your next report !


  • Good morning. I hope all goes well today and you get home very soon. Be brave :)

  • Good morning Steve. Hope you got some sleep despite all the lights and bleeps! Smart pyjamas by the way. Good luck today. Heather

  • Hi Steve.

    First is good to get it over and done with. I was first. I was put under with my ablation and stayed in the night. I wanted to stay in Just in case anything happened. There will be plenty of other nights when you are in your own bed so go with it. Ask as many questions as you need.

    It will be done by tea time. Good luck.

  • Hi Steve.

    Had my ablation done last Thursday.

    Its not nice but the benefits knock spots of that.

    Just grin and bear it mate. Before you know it it'll be lunch time.

    I feel great today. So just put your head down .

    Good luck

  • Good luck...I've not had an ablation yet but have been told I will eventually....hope all goes well - let us all know how you feel afterwards. Patricia.

  • Very best wishes for an AF -free future. Post-ablation you will need to rest. Your heart is being burned internally and it needs your help with the healing process.

  • I'm sure they will give you sedation via the cannula, but if not, they will when you ask. If they keep you in overnight it will be because they need to. I was told that they used a lot of 'contrast'and wanted by body to have time toexcrete it. It's all about your safety and wellbeing, after all, they need the bed for the next person! Mine was over three hours, but you're pretty unaware of most of it and forget a lot quite fast. Trust your nurses and communicate your anxieties, they will understand. Best of luck x

  • By the time you read this it will all be over, and hopefully you asked for sedation! Very best wishes for the future.

  • Hi Steve, you're off in 15 minutes so I guess you won't read this till later but I'm thinking of you now and hoping all goes well.

    Thanks for the blog, I look forward to the one later much later saying this has worked 💖

  • Hope everything went well

  • Good luck😊

  • Best wishes Steve.

  • Best wishes and follow my lead and ask for sedation/pain relief at the first twinge!

  • Best wishes and good luck. All over now. 😄 JanR

  • Good luck Steve. Hope it went well.

  • Hope all went well, rest is good so day in hospital being waited on and monitored is good, keep us informed x

  • Praying for a great outcome and for no or little pain!!!

  • Hope it went well


  • Well it should all be over now. I hope all went well and look forward to hearing from you.


  • Tue evening but just seen. I would rather have stayed a second night after my ablation because it was so nice to be able to adjust the bed angles to be really comfortable!!!! Hope all went well.

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