Hybrid Ablation Part 2

Hybrid Ablation Procedure 2.carried out Wednesday 3 June . Admitted to Derriford Hospital, Plymouth at 8am. Admitted to ward at 2:10pm. I was very lucky to be admitted at all because during the morning Derriford went into Black Alert. Many patients who were in dressing gowns etc were told that their operations had been cancelled and had to return home. Catheter Ablation carried out under GA and I return from recovery ward to the overnight ward with the possibility of being discharged in the late afternoon. I didn't get any sleep due to the comings and goings of any hospital ward and excited anticipation of me feeling a lot better than I have for the last 12 months..I had a minor bleed from the groin entry point but that was it. I have no soreness anywhere else. I am awaiting an X-ray of the chest, as per normal where an entry has been made just below the neck and the arrival of the Ablation Team to discus the operation result with me and then hopefully home. I will update this post when I know more.

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  • All sounds good, fingers crossed for you now just relax and take it easy in this lovely weather!

    Wendi x

  • Wow that sounds a good outcome so far for you. Trust the team will concur that all went well. Rest, relax and enjoy the weather sitting out in the sunshine. Must call my cousin, she is a trauma consultant at Derriford Hospital bet she has been busy!

  • I recently had a second ablation, begin if March .. At QE Hosp Birmingham.

    I'm still waiting for a follow up app, with my EP consultant,, Mr Griffiths which should have been booked for 8 weeks post ablation.

    During the procedure they tore my heart lining, had to have a drain, followed by cardio version.

    I'm still trying everything in my means to get a follow up app, without success ,

    I've had one short AF spell, since, but put it down to heart repairing itself after trauma,

    Have not had any recurrent attacks.,

    Without having this appointment, to discuss what happened, during the ablation , I cannot come off Warfarin, and sotolo,

    Does any one know, how to put pressure on the NHS to get an important app. Please, even my GP has sent letters.

    Thanks.. 😕

  • Ring Mr Griffiths secretary Rosey - hospital reception will put you through - and discuss your concerns. I would labour the heart tear which I'm sure you know, shouldn't have happened. Tell them you want to understand why it happened and what the possible implications are. I think they'll want to talk to you!

    An ablation, even a successful one, is certainly not a signal to come off anti-coagulants though. I would hope your EP will tell you that.

  • Rosey I remember my first ablation and my EP told me he would see me in six weeks. When I chased the hospital their comment was that he should know that follow up appts are at three months! Tamponade is not an uncommon problem with ablation although thankfully not too frequent as you can read in any publication about the procedure (See fact sheets on AF Association website) and should only be a very temporary problem but as others have suggested if you are very worried about it then ring the hospital and talk to his secretary. Cardioversion again is normal at the end of the procedure to ensure that you leave the cath lab in NSR. They often stimulate AF with a special drug during the procedure so need this facility.

    You sound to have had a successful ablation as a few strange rhythms from time to time up to three to six months is quite normal as I am sure they will have told you and as ACN has said many EPs feel that anticoagulation should continue even after successful ablation due to the continuing risk. Once you had AF you have that five fold increase in stroke risk regardless of any cessation. I haven't had it for seven years but would never dream of stopping warfarin.


  • Well finally after much annoying of NHS secretary, to Mr Griffiths,

    I have a consultation on the 9 th of July.

    He does not see patients privately at my local hospital.

    If I wanted an earlier one, I would have to the 2 hour drive to Birmingham, and stay at hotel overnight. If I wanted to get a private app with Mr Griffiths.. 😕

  • That's interesting Bob,

    I was certainly not aware, that, I would have to stay on Warfarin, ..

    After a successful ablation..

    Maybe because I never was told.. 😕 in so many words,

    I have called Mr griffiths secretary several times, and her reply was she had sent an email to Telford princess royal Hosp, to book an app to see Mr Griffiths, as we live in Shropshire, and have to travel to Birmingham for any heart procedures.

    I have to see him there, he only attends the Hosp once per month..but never had a problem with apps before .. I did call his secretary there, but all she could say was, there are 165 patients , waiting to see him.. 😟

    I'm in a no win situation, but thank you.. For at least some reasurence ..

    About the whole procedure I had to go through.

  • Rosey, quite a few of us have put our hands in our pockets and have made private appointments with our EPs and found it to be money very well spent. My appointment wasn't hugely expensive. My EP has a page on his local Spire Hospital web site but I was also given details of how to contact him privately by his NHS secretary.

  • Thank you Rellim,

    I am going to find out, from his secretary , about seeing him privately..

    I have had to see my cardiologist privately,

    Only cost me £50

    And all tests were referred by him were done in the NHS.

    Thanks again.. 😊

  • It can be a good move! I wish I had known a couple of years ago that you could make private appointments integrated with NHS ones like this. Mine freed up an NHS appointment that I didn't need because we had covered all the ground.

  • Sounds all good. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and silent heart.


  • Dear Lastec1,

    I hope you're back in rhythm and feeling great? I so wish I had seen your first post because I'm having Part 1 in Derriford on Tuesday and have tried in vain, till now to find another person having a Hybrid Ablation. Tomorrow will be my 5th admission - the first 3 cancelled for lack of doctors and the 4th in September because I wasn't well enough. I had got quite gung-ho about it by then, just wanted it over with, but now I've had time to get really scared! I'm not even sure of the procedure details, how long I'll be in and so on. Is there anything you can tell me to cheer me up and stop me feeling so anxious? I'd be very grateful.

    Best wishes,


  • There is nothing to get anxious about. All I knew about the operation itself was the Cannula being inserted on the ward before I was wheeled down. When I came around, I wasn't feeling that good through the amount of Morphine I was giving myself through the self half button, but that lasted only a couple on minutes. I then became aware of the attachments to my body...a lung drain, a urine catheter and oxygen tubes up my nose. I was pretty much out of it for the rest of that first day but woke up very early the following day feeling much better. I had 4 small puncture wounds on my right side including the lung drain which was soon removed. 24 hours later I was discharged. At this stage you need to take it easy for few weeks in Oder lot let the wounds heal and for the bruising to subside. Now I 48 hours after Part 2, everything is going to plan, I'm in NSR with hardly any visible signs of a visit to hospital except some bruising to my groin. I intend to take it easy for a further week before I return to work on light duties.

    All in all, you have nothing to fear just when you you will get for part 2. I had to wait from November 25 until 3 June for mine?

    Best wishes and fear not

  • Thank you so much for this Geoff especially replying so promptly and in detail. I feel loads better about it all. I think the cancellations have contributed to feeling wound up - plus I've been waiting all winter to have specialist physio that the anaesthetist said I had to have for my CPOD which turned into a very minimal talk about deep breathing and swimming at my preop 4 weeks ago. We'll see tomorrow if that will suffice. I'd be interested to compare notes about pre ablation experiences and services across Devon. I live at the Exeter end and I've been waiting 6 years. Keep well and thanks again.

    Best wishes,


  • If you look through my Lastec1 profile, you will see all my posts.


  • Just read your post- op report and admired your battle scars. Thanks for posting - a true pioneer.

    Best wishes again,


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