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Hi thanks for all advice before I am going to try mag tau rate today spread throughout day the tablets are 125 mg how many should I start of with had been taking 300 mg citrate for about a week. I have not had AF for over 2 weeks early to tell yet but pleased not to have it for that long. when I go into AF does mag spray help to stop it quicker aswell. Be grateful for anyone's thoughts.

Many thanks


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I take magnesium tarate 300 mg a day and a Epsom Salt bath once a week. No AF for two months and counting.


Thank you for reply will try epsom bath sales aswell. How much do you put in and hone long do you stay in bath?


A good handful in the running water and 20mins. A very relaxing way to take medicine.

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Researching sometime ago, I came to the conclusion Mg taurate was the best Mg compound to take. On quantity, I always ask for guidance from my Alternative Practitioner.


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