Have read recently that Mag.stearate should be avoided as ingredient in magnesium products? I bought Healthspan Mag 375mg with added B complex vits.Under ingredients is listed M.oxide m.hydroxide and others and lower down M.sterate of veg origin....looked at another product I bought which is FSC Magnesium 500 mg that lists M.Oxide M.Citrate anti caking agent as M.stearate veg origin. So although included it appears just as a minor anti caking I presume these products are ok....I take it as I find I regularly get night cramps in legs in bed and thought as I am on Lansoprazole daily I may be short on Magnesium....any thoughts please

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  • Big leg many thanks Will try your suggestions as I see little point in taking a Magnesium tablet with low absorption ....

  • I take the same FSC supplement as you (which does include the oxide), plus 400mg of magnesium citrate.

    As you get night cramps, try taking mag citrate powder stirred into some slightly warmed pineapple or orange juice (has a nasty taste otherwise) before you go to bed. With powder you need to work out how many mgs in a teaspoon full.


  • Falling to pieces...thank you will give it a try..suppose I can purchase from local chemist...if not there is a health food store in a town not too far distant.

  • If you're online (as you must be to be on here) you could order from Amazon.

    I buy all mine from Amazon for the ease of it.


  • Many thanks will try Amazon.

  • Thank you again have ordered from Amazon tabs and a oil spray which were both reported on well by purchasers.

  • Hi I saw your link for magnesium from Amazon going to order some as AF becoming more frequent now. Does it ever give you an upset stomach as don't want my blood thinner to not be effective as so frightened of having another stroke. Is it 400 of it you take.

    Appreciate your advice.


  • Rob, you need to find your own personal dose. The idea is to start on a low dose, say 200 or 400 mg daily. See if you tolerate that well, meaning your bowels don't become too loose. If that's ok which I expect it to be, take a little more the following day and so on. You will know when to stop, when you go to the loo easily but not diarrhoea 🚽

    I actually take 900 mg daily😊


  • I take 500 mg tablet daily but have not yet recd the spray so I will try that also when recd and find the dose which seems beneficial to me

  • Just a thought George, if like me the magnesium 'taste' remains in your throat, you may want to eat something straight after taking it. I take all of my supplements just before my evening meal around 6.30 ish. Occasionally I have forgotten to do this and take them later instead followed by a banana.


  • Will see how it goes and if after taste experienced will follow with food .Many thanks

  • Here's a question regarding value for money and effectiveness of magnesium oil which is widely available on ebay and amazon. Do we know if there is a standard quantity of pure magnesium in a given package of 'magnesium oil'? Magnesium is not an oil product and therefore the 'oil' part is an additive - it could be Castrol GTX! The important question, when buying, is not should I get 100ml or 500 ml but how much magnesium do these products actually contain per ml?

    It's how much magnesium, not oil, we are getting per pound that provides both value for money and effectiveness, isn't it? The oil, surely, is just the vehicle for application.

    Or do others know something I don't.

  • No, magnesium oil is not an oil. It just feels slightly oily. Apparently it is very easy to make! Just dissolve magnesium flakes in boiled water; use equal amounts by volume.

    Anyone tried?

  • Yes-easy to make. Half magnesium chloride with half boiling water in a saucepan. When fully dissolved cool and put into spray bottle. I use a small plastic gArden spray. First few applications can leave an itching burning sensation but the skin soon gets used to it. You can leave it on or shower it off after 20 minutes or so. I use in conjunction with Magnesium Citrate powder as I can only tolerate a small dose of this. Also have Sulphate bath soaks but the oil is more convenient and quicker.



  • I've used MagAbsorb from Nature's Best in the past. It consists of magnesium citrate with magnesium stearate as the smallest ingredient. So I wouldn't worry too much about the stearate. I changed to Nature's Best as I got some poor quality fish oil from HealthSpan.

    I used to get night cramps in my calf muscle. However I found out this was just after stretching. I used to stretch in bed by pointing my toes away so I tried stretching by pulling my toes towards my head instead. It worked! From about one cramp a week which had me dancing round the bedroom to none for the last year!


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