Ten days post-ablation

Statistically, everyone else pending ablation can rest easy, because I've used up the expected allotment for femoral pseudo-aneurysm and av-fistula.This is probably more terrifying for me because I am already partially disabled from other chronic pain disorders. It helped to research online about the groin catheter complications and possible remedies. The good news is no afib episodes, just intermittent irregularities. Thanks for your support everyone.

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  • Don't forget it will take three to six months for your heart to heal so you may get some funnies in that time. Rest plenty!

    By the way. quite puzzled about the fistula. How did they manage to join an artery and a vein together?

  • sorry doesn't load.

  • Basically says treatment depends on how large the disruption is. Sometimes heals on its own, other times requires strong compression or even surgery. One participant here did not get appropriate treatment and resulted in serious heart failure problems.

  • OK but still a bit confused because I understand an AV Fistula to be when they join an artery and a vein together to enable dialysis, usually in the wrist. They obviously don't mean this so as usual I don't know everything.


  • Probably more than you want to know, but sites such as Mayo Clinic explain the difference between surgical fistulas for dialysis, accidental trauma, congenital, and those from catheter procedures.

  • Bob, may I ask you how soon after your unsuccessful ablations did you know that they hadn't worked also do you ever get ectopics and 'funny ' flutters. I am 7 months post ablation and although I haven't had any AF ( I think) I do occasionally get ectopics and the said flutter which only lasts a couple of minutes. Thought Id ask you as you seem to be the most knowledgeable. Thanks SuzieA

  • My first failed ablation I knew straight away as I was kept in an extra day or so as I was on amiodarone drip to try and calm my ticker. A year later I had a second which worked fine for about 8 moths until I started to get breakthrough events. Since my third in 2008 I have had no AF but yes occasional groups of ectopics usually vagally medicated and some very short runs of tachycardia, maybe three or four seconds although very occasionally maybe a minute or two. I think that the problem is that we all get so aware of our hearts that we notice things others wouldn't. Especially the ectopics which everybody gets but just don't notice.

    Some mornings I wake up and roll over onto my back and stretch and my heart does a quick tachy for about twenty beats, like "oh shit another day started" and then behaves for the rest of the day.

    Yes I think this is all pretty normal Suzie. Being busy and fully occupied helps as you don't have time to notice and it is usually only when I am alone sitting quietly that I might become aware of anything like that. By the way, not been on any medication for AF since 2009 apart from warfarin which I never intend to stop. I think my views there are well known.


  • Thank you for that x

  • Bob, I wonder if your "quick tachy" in the morning may have to do with vagal nerve stimulation. The fact that it goes away in a few seconds is a good thing. You know the old saying, if you don't like the results of what you're doing, stop. :-)

  • Who knows but it isn't a problem to me. I know about it so it doesn't bother me. Merely explaining that we all get funnies even after successful ablations.

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