Two days post ablation

Just joined this forum as I feel reassured after reading posts regarding post ablation experiences. Spent 4 hours yesterday in emergency with visual disturbance following ablation. This was not what I expected! Never had migraines before and now had three one after another. Also breathless when walking. Do the migraines stop? Why am I breathless? Soo tired???

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  • Hi I also had very bad migraine attacks after ablation which lasted for about 2 weeks in total and then non since ,I am 17 weeks post ablation now and still getting loads of skipped beats.I was told in hospital the migraine is caused by going from 1 side of the heart to the other.I too was never told of this side effect before ablation although it would not have put me off procedure.I was also very tired and breathless and needed 8 weeks off work in total even after being told I would be ok after a couple of weeks! I promise all will settle down just take it very slow and don't overdo it.

  • Thank you so much that is really helpful. I feel so much better now.

  • In the first 3 months after an ablation you are almost certain to get some side effects- be they ectopic beats, nausea or any number of unusual feelings.

    Rest assured that for most these problems fade away as the time passes.

    I spoke to my EP on Friday and he said " we did a lot of burning on your most recent ablation".

    Imagine if this was on the outside of your body - there is little doubt you would understand why things take a while to settle down

    Hope you feel better soon


  • Thanks Pete, I think I was prepared for slight tiredness but no one mentioned the migraines or being breathless. I feel so much more reassured after visiting this site and hearing other people's stories. Thankyou

  • I have not had related migraines - I get them anyway.

    Breathlessness is something I can relate to. I had my last ablation 7 weeks ago and things have now settled.


  • I remember posts describing the migraines after ablation as being caused by the puncture of the heart's septum by the catheter going from right to left atrium.

    If you search in the top right box on this page under migraine after ablation, there are quite a few threads about it.

  • Thanks Finvola, just had another episode, reassuring to read the migraine subsides after a few weeks.

  • Hi Abfab and welcome to the forum......everything others have said is spot on so try not to worry. Your ticker has taken a bit of a pasting, so its not surprising that it will take time to settle and for the migraine to ease off. Although you probably don't feel like it at the moment, things will soon start to improve but don't be tempted to do too much for at least 2 wishes, John

  • Thanks john, so glad I joined this forum, I feel so much more reassured listening to other people's experiences and knowing that I am not alone.

  • I had identical symptoms after my ablation. The problem was that neither the visual migraines nor the breathlessness were explained to me as possible side effects and that inevitably makes you even more anxious. I didn't even connect the visual migraines with the ablation and went to my optician for advice and it was he who reassured me. I couldn't climb the stairs at home without being out of breath and this lasted for quite some time. I felt like I had some other sort of heart condition, until my doctor told me that getting out of breath was the heart telling me it was unhappy after being attacked and needed to be looked after for a while. Both conditions did pass after a few weeks, so please don't worry.

  • Thanks Bob I can't begin to tell everyone how helpful this site is. I woke up this morning feeling quite tearful as I feel so much more worse than before my ablation. Now feeling a lot better and optimistic that I will feel better. Thankyou.

  • I had similar feelings of doubt after my ablation, as my AF episodes seemed to be more frequent than before the procedure, and I felt so weak! Not sure how I got through it and kept my sanity intact, but tuning into this forum everyday was a massive help. Trying to find ways to relax, including meditation and breathing exercises ( there are plenty of suggestions on other threads) might also help in these early days. I am sure you will feel better soon. Best wishes.

  • I was fully expecting migraines following the ablation from what I had read on this forum. 3 weeks post and no migraines so I guess I am lucky. I wasn't ready for the fatigue though, that's a killer.

    I did have 4 days of missing beats, but that has calmed down now.

    Still crossing everything that I am sorted though, and expecting AF to kick off at any point but I guess that will never go

  • Thanks mike, I feel more positive when I read everyone else's experience and now realise it's very early days. Thankyou for your support.

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